Tips to Maintaining a Good Posture as You Age

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Tips to Maintaining a Good Posture as You Age - Easy Posture Brands

Having a good posture to most means having a good physical appearance. It makes one look more manly, slim, powerful and confident. But it really is more than that. Science has proven that having a good posture is beneficial in terms of health. Having a good posture has positive effects on our body functions such as digestion, respiration, memory retention, testosterone production for men and many other surprising benefits.


However, as people age, their bone density becomes weaker, and their muscles and joints start to deteriorate thus affects their posture. It is inevitable. Plus the fact that an Orthopedic visit is quite costly. You don’t want to get to that point.


Here are few tips within your reach to maintain that Mr. and Ms. Universe-like posture as you age.


Tip # 1: Strengthen Your Core through Physical Exercise


Home Exercises: Get a good posture within your home’s comfort. You can start with simple exercises like lying on the floor while doing “slow snow angels.” To make it more challenging, put a rolled towel underneath your spine while doing it. For some, it might cause a little discomfort at first due to pain. You might need to work on your back’s flexibility for some time. Take it slow and don’t be too hard on yourself.



A simple walk around your backyard or neighborhood is also a good help to maintain good posture. People who walk turns out to have better bone density than those who don’t according to research studies.


Lift Weights: You might be thinking of 20 pounds or more dumbbells and barbells but you don’t actually aim to be a bodybuilder. Lift what you can. A less than 10 pounds dumbbell will do. Do not overdo it as it might cause sprain and end you up in the Orthopedic center. Your main objective is to condition your bones, muscle and joints to make them stronger. Lifting weights is like putting oil to an engine for better performance.


Moreover, women’s bones tend to age faster than men. After menopause, their muscles around their spine weakens which usually causes back pain when standing for a long period of time. Do exercises that target back extensors, neck flexors pelvic muscles and side muscles with the help of a gym instructor. There are machines specialized for these specific exercises.


Tip # 2 Get the Right Nutrients


The key to a strong kite that withstand the strong gust of wind is a strong skeletal frame. The same applies to our body. Keep a close watch on your diet to strengthen your bones to keep a good posture.


Consume Calcium: You need to either maintain or increase you Calcium intake. It is undeniably the key ingredient to make your bones stronger. Below are the top 10 foods that will keep your calcium supply in check.


  • Raw Milk
  • Cooked
  • Sardines with bone
  • Yogurt or Kefir
  • Broccoli
  • Watercress
  • Cheese
  • Bok Choy
  • Okra
  • Almonds


Tip # 3 Get a doze of Vitamin D


An hour sun bathe will not hurt. Put on those shades and do it in your backyard. You can also make it more exciting by driving to a nearest beach, jogging in a park, or walking your dogs. Get rid of those umbrellas and sunscreens for a while and absorb the natural bone strengthener from mother nature. Insufficient vitamin D actually causes your bones to become thin, brittle, and deformed. According to scientists, midday sun is the best source of vitamin D levels which is during noontime. You can deviate from taking vitamin D supplements as long as you have the sun. You just have to endure a bit sting though.


Tip # 4 Make it a Way of Living


Whether you are standing, sitting, eating or scrolling your smartphone, make sure that you observe proper posture.



When Standing: Keep a balanced upright posture. Keep your ears adjacent to your shoulders, breast out and hollow back. Do not stand with slumped shoulders or bent knees.



When Sitting: Do not slouch, slump or bend your head forward. Keep an upright position with ears lined up with your shoulders and hips bent 90 degrees or a perfect letter L. If you are working with a computer, type with your elbows bent in 90 degrees.


Make a strict implementation of proper posture to yourself. It’s okay to boss yourself around, live a life of being your own dictator for a while. It’s also normal to be conscious about it at first until you get used to it without having to think about it as your body does it automatically.


Tip # 5 Seek Help


Professional’s Advice: These tips will help you maintain proper posture as you age.  However, for serious posture issues, do not make your own remedies. It is still best to seek for an advice from a health practitioner or your personal Orthopedist.


Research: Do some research on the internet or in the library. Expand your knowledge by reading books, blogs and articles on how to correct your body's alignment. Watch Do-it-your own (DIY) exercises on Youtube to achieve proper posture.


Gym Instructor: When you go to the gym to do your weight lifting, make sure to ask for your gym instructor’s help. Align the program you want to undergo, what are your targets? What are your needs?. You don’t want to twist those muscles, joints or bones wrong.


Start doing these tips as early as now. Having proper posture takes a lot of work to achieve as it requires determination and sheer willpower. It is hard to shift from what you are used to especially when you are comfortable slouching or walking while your shoulders are slumped. It might be exhausting at times but you have to concentrate hard on the end result.

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