About Us

Do you experience sciatica, tailbone, hip pain, or low back pain? Does your job require long hours of sitting down at your desk chair? Are you a long distance truck driver?

Are you looking for a product to relieve numbness in your legs or help alleviate low back pain?

Do you have an elderly one that has largely become bedridden and you don't want them to develop bed sores? If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on.

We are here to help you... Welcome to Easy Posture Brands.

Most people develop back pain as a result of the nature of their work, the way they use their back, diseases such as diabetes, prolong injury, or due to old age. However, with certain daily living aids, life can be pain-free and full of fun again.

Why We Came Into Existence

Easy Posture Brands is a family owned company inspired to manufacture high quality medical, daily living aids (i.e. orthopedic coccyx seat cushions, lumbar supports and therapeutic products) after witnessing the needs of our own aging parents. We understand that no one loves to live in pain. At Easy Posture Brands, your comfort is as important to us as it is to you.

 What We Do

We manufacture high quality medical aids (including orthopedic seat cushions, lumbar supports and therapeutic products). It is no news that we can't stop getting older and as we age certain parts of our bodies become stiff and may start to ache or hurt. Each of our products have been specifically designed to provide the support and comfort needed to improve your daily quality of life, regardless of your age.

Choose any of our products applicable to your situation and you will have a positive story to tell.  We promise to make your life easier. 

 From our ComfiLumba Seat Cushions to our Easy Posture Lumbar Back Supports.....here is what some of our loyal customers had to say.                                                                                                                                    

I have hip and spine issues along with fibromyalgia. This cushion helped me tremendously on a 3 hour car ride plus a 3 hour flight. It definitely takes the pressure off the low back/hips and did not hurt the back of my legs to sit on. I love it, will never travel without it again!" Ann - Virginia USA

"This cushion is a lifesaver! I actually use it while I'm writing lesson plans or working on grading at home. The memory foam is so soft! The cushion literally molds itself into my back."  Lynne - California USA