Q: What are the size dimensions of the Dr. Tushy Memory Foam Seat Cushion?

A: The Memory Foam Cushion is 17.5 inches wide, 14 inches in length, and 3 inches in height.  The cushion weighs approximately 1.3 lbs.


Q: Does the Dr. Tushy Cushion slip and slide?

A: No. In fact, consumers have commented on the sturdiness of the product.  A person's body weight serves as a placeholder for the cushion.


Q: There is a cut out design in the coccyx seat cushion.  What is the correct way to sit on the cushion?

A: The cut-out opening should face towards the back of the chair.  It is designed to relieve unwanted pain & pressure from your tailbone or coccyx thereby allowing it to float and you sitting more comfortably. 


Q: I'm looking for a cushion to raise my height in my car? Which cushion would you recommend?

A: It will depend on your specific preference.  However many of our customers have preferred our car seat wedge cushion.  They favored the design more given the fact that it tapers under the leg area.


Q: Are your cushions 100% memory foam?

A: Yes our seat cushions and lumbar support pillow are 100% memory foam. However our footrest cushion is made of foam only.


Q: Does the mesh back support have a belt like strap or is it an elastic band?

A: The belt is an elastic band.


Q: What type of chairs work best with the mesh back lumbar support?

A: It provides great support for a variety of chairs, i.e. office chair (mesh or hard back), car seat, airplane seat, wheelchair, or truck seat.


Q: What are the size dimension of the mesh back lumbar support?

A: The dimensions are: 15.3 in (W) x 13.9 in (L) x 6.1 in (H); 0.30 lbs