Sciatica with Groin Pain - 7 Tips for Nerve Pain Relief

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Sciatica with Groin Pain - 7 Tips for Nerve Pain Relief

Written by: Kimberly Roderick, Licensed PTA

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A patient with sciatica usually suffers from severe pain that radiates down to the lower part of the body. Sciatica is one of the major nerves that covers all the parts from spin and travels downs to your legs.

The pain can be of different types, from a mild ache to a burning feeling, or it could be like a paralyzing agony. In fact, it can majorly cause chronic pain in the glutes and groin.

sciatica with groin pain

The pain radiation in the groin and glutes due to sciatica is one of the nasty variants, and people suffering from it usually experience severe pain in the inner thighs and lower abdomen and sometimes discomfort around the genital area. Keep reading this article to learn more about sciatica with groin pain.

Sciatica Pain in Groin in Females/Males

Sciatica pain in the lower back, including the groin, can be due to damage to herniated discs or surrounding structures of the nerve. Sometimes people with diabetes suffer from this nerve pain.

sciatica pain inner thigh

Females suffering from sciatica with groin pain usually occur in athletes or pregnant women. Sometimes people with anatomical defects or a tumor also suffer from this pain.

In both males and females, this pain ranges from mild to severe and results due to prolonged standing or sitting in the same position.

Back Pain that Radiates to the Groin

Herniated disc or piriformis syndrome is usually the reason behind chronic back pain. Mostly, this type of pain is located in the lower back, but sometimes, it radiates down toward the groin or buttock.

Pain in the groin and buttock is usually caused by a sudden twist or lifting from a twisted position; some intense exercise or even biochemical problems creates an abnormal walking pattern with severe burning-like pain in these areas.

Lower Back Pain and Groin Pain

Most pain in the lower back is due to dysfunction of the spinal cord in the lumbar area of the lower back. Irritation and pinching in the canal can cause severe pain in the specific area and feels like burning, cramping, or stabbing pain that can be due to trauma or arthritis.

Usually, this pain in the lower back lasts for a few days, but people with weak muscles and joints can take up to a week to recover from it.

Groin or buttock pain is very common in pregnant women, and it might feel like burning or sharp pain. However, it is not relieved by position change and causes severe pressure on pelvic bones that will ultimately cause irritation in the sciatic nerve.

pregnant groin pain

Now this question arises how to get relief to groin pain from sciatica? Keep reading this article to find out some useful tips to get relief from this severe pain.

How to Relieve Groin Pain from Sciatica

If you are severe groin pain, then make sure to visit your doctor, but before that, here are some useful tips to reduce this pain easily at home. These tips are:


Make sure to consult and qualified physiotherapist as they can suggest you better exercises according to your pain, but some exercises and stretches including seated groin stretch, squatting groin stretch, supine butterfly stretches, and hip opener are one of the most common and easiest exercises, that can relieve or at least reduce all kinds of groin pain from sciatica.

Stretching and exercising can be a good start to reducing your pain, and a simple workout will not relieve your groin pain but also prevent future groin pulls.

Take Rest

In order to heal groin pain as soon as possible, make sure to have plenty of rest and avoid all those activities that can increase the pain. Taking rest can reduce the swelling and numbness of the groin and helps you to feel better.

Ice Packs

Ice Packs

In the first two-three days, put an ice pack on the site of pain at least 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes. You can put a towel between the skin and the ice to prevent direct contact with the ice. Ice will tighten the blood vessels in the affected area, which can reduce the swelling and pain in the groin from a strain or sciatica.

Hot Packs

Hot packs help to ease the pain by increasing the blood flow of the affected area. This rapid blood flow will bring more nutrients to the painful site, which will fasten the healing process and flush out all the damaged debris.

Essential Oils

The essential oil can reduce the groin pain and discomfort associated with this pain. Essential oils are plant and herbs extracts and do not give any side effects to the patient.

Some herbs, for instance, peppermint and lemongrass are extremely helpful in soothing the nervous system. However, we can say that the application of essential oils is one of the safest ways to reduce groin pain.

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Besides using it in Eastern cooking, we can use turmeric as an anti-inflammatory remedy to reduce pain in the groin and buttocks. Adding a pinch of turmeric in milk or applying it directly on the painful site can help in relieving pain and discomfort in the groin due to sciatica.

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Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

If you are experiencing severe groin pain, then make sure to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, as both of these can slow down the healing process. People addicted to these two contain toxins in the blood. This toxicity will not allow blood to heal properly and slow down the recovery from the pain.

Final Thoughts

Groin pain due to sciatica or muscle injury can cause severe pain and affect the lifestyle of the patient. In order to recover from it, make sure to have plenty of rest and try these tips mentioned above to relieve the pain.

You should take sciatica pain seriously and start its treatment as soon as possible. If your groin pain is not recovering, then consult a neurologist to avoid any mishap in the future.

We hope that this article will help you to understand the different aspects of groin pain due to sciatica, and you will try these tips to reduce the pain.

This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. We strongly suggest seeking the advice and care of a healthcare professional before starting any treatment.

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