Our Editorial Process

Crafting Trustworthy and Reliable Posture & Back Health Information

At Easy Posture Brands, our commitment is crystal clear: deliver information that empowers our readers to take control of their posture and back health with confidence.

We have devised an Editorial Process rooted in transparency, precision, and inclusivity to ensure the content you access is both dependable and useful.

Devised by our dedicated team, this process stands as the cornerstone of our content strategy. Let's dive into the specific elements that make up this process:

  1. Establishing and Upholding Trust

The internet is flooded with advice on posture or various back conditions (i.e. sciatica), yet it's challenging to find information that is consistent, clear, and credible. Our mission is to bridge this gap.

Our content is grounded in evidence, easy to grasp, empathetic, and actionable, focusing on holistic posture & back health. We approach every topic from a spectrum of angles, ensuring a comprehensive view without bias.

Our dedication is to every individual, irrespective of their journey. With compassion at our core, we stand by each reader, judgment-free.

  1. Upholding Journalistic Excellence

Your trust in Easy Posture Brands is invaluable. It is our duty to maintain impeccable journalistic principles. Every piece – whether educational or news-oriented – is neutral, timely, backed by research, and comprehensive. Our feature stories spotlight diverse experiences, always approached with respect and empathy.

How do we achieve this?

Expert Contributors: We enlist knowledgeable writers and contributors, ensuring they possess both subject expertise and practical experience. Our team is constantly trained on research methodologies and best practices.

Medical Verification: Every piece of health information is vetted for accuracy by medical professionals who specialize in physical therapy, posture and ergonomics.

Partner Integrity: Collaborations are vital, but so is trust. Every brand we align with undergoes a thorough review to ascertain the authenticity of their health claims. 

Content Review: Before hitting 'publish', our internal team scrutinizes each article, guaranteeing it aligns with our standards for clarity, accuracy, and inclusiveness.

  1. Emphasizing Clarity, Compassion, and Inclusivity

At Easy Posture Brands, our writing ethos is centered on the reader. We adhere to a unique style guide to ensure every article is relatable, clear, and devoid of bias.

Our narrative is friendly and open, but also informed and forward-thinking. We're resolute in using language that upholds dignity, combats stereotypes, and champions inclusivity. We're actively engaged with back health communities, always learning and evolving in tandem with the changing discourse.

  1. Ongoing Content Review and Refinement

The realm of posture and back health is dynamic. We're proactive in updating our content, ensuring it mirrors the latest research and advice.

Our dedicated review team is on a perpetual quest to identify content that needs a refresh or rectification. Whether it's new research findings, updated guidelines, or changes in back-related products, we're on top of it.

We value transparency in our updates:

Reviews by medical professionals are timestamped.

Any modification, minor or major, is accompanied by an "updated on" timestamp.

Your Posture & Back Health Ally: Easy Posture Brands

Your health and well-being are our utmost priority.

Through our Editorial Process, we promise to be a reliable partner on your journey towards optimal back health.

We're constantly striving for better, and your feedback is our guiding light. If you ever find content that seems amiss, do not hesitate to reach out to us.