How to Properly Use a Mesh Back Support for Best Posture

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How to Properly Use a Mesh Back Support for Best Posture - Easy Posture Brands

Do you work behind a desk for eight hours or so? Are you a writer, graphic designer, social media manager, accountant, or someone who works sitting in a chair for long periods of time? Have you ever felt back muscle strain and discomfort?  If so, then you probably need proper back support from your office chair. 

Sitting for long periods combined with bad posture habits can lead to back muscle strain or chronic pain in time, which will eventually impact your ability to perform well and cause terrible consequences.

Lucky for us, advancements in technology and science have helped create a readily accessible and simple solution to preventing and alleviating back pain... the Mesh Back Support system! 

Why Your Office Chair May Be Hurting Your Back

Stop Back Pain at Work

Yes, your desk chair might be your best buddy in your office. But, it may also be your worst enemy when it comes to backbone health. Whether you are in an office building or a home workroom, proper back support is crucial. 

Is your chair helping you, or is it only causing you problems? Are you still comfortable in your chair after long periods of sitting still, or are you filled with aches and pains in your back? If your answer is the latter, then that’s a big sign that your office chair is doing more harm than good.

A quality office chair should provide your back with plenty of support, without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

If you feel uncomfortable in your chair, that means it is not providing you with adequate support, and it is only going to leave you with aches and tense muscles.

When your chair doesn’t properly support your back, your nerves can get pinched, as well as cause other significant back problems later in life. 

Most of us already have aches and pains to deal with already, and no one wants to add more. So, here’s a practical way to prevent adding back pain to that list.

How to Use Back Support for An Office Chair 

There are many types of support devices for your back on the web. From special pillows to various back supports, and expensive, fancy office chairs, you name it. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get excellent back support. 

One of the most effective & economical back supports are those with a mesh lining. They provide all the help you need to keep away backaches and pains.

lumbar support for chair


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Mesh support systems are growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons. They’re made from a breathable fabric to help keep you cool and prevent you from becoming sweaty and sticky, and they also have a degree of flexibility to cradle your back while still providing support. 

Did you know that you can purchase mesh support slings online for your current office chair to add more support for your back, without breaking your bank account?

Sure, you could go with an expensive chair with more features than you will ever use or a pillow that will get flat in no time, but why when there’s a much better option that’s budget-friendly?

You may be wondering, “How do I use mesh back support systems?”.

Most mesh support systems are incredibly easy to install onto your current office chair and look good as well as giving you the benefit of proper back support. There are many resources and videos on how to use mesh back support all over the web.

Here’s a detailed review of one of the best mesh back supports to help you decide if it will be a better fit for you.  

How to Properly Install Mesh Back Support on a Chair

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How to Use Mesh Back Support for Your Car

Did we forget to mention that those mesh support systems are not just meant for office chairs? You can even use them in your car for long road trips or daily errands and local trips.

How do you use mesh back support systems in your vehicle? Well, the same way you use them for your office chair. Just extend the horizontal strap over the car seat (like the one below) away you go!  

lumbar support for car 

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If you happen to take a lot of long drives for business or happen to be a tractor-trailer driver, then using a mesh back support will benefit you immensely.

Most seats in vehicles don’t have the perfect support systems for your back. And long hours on the road without the right support will cause problems. Nobody likes uncomfortable car rides, especially if they’re going to be long ones.

Spend almost your entire day in your car as an Uber or Lyft driver? Maybe you’re an Instacart or GrubHub driver, or even a bus driver. In all those cases, knowing how to use mesh back support in your car will greatly benefit you. It will provide your back the support it needs while keeping you comfortable the entire time (unless your legs fall asleep, then it might be time for a stretch).

Why Proper Back Support is Important

Staying healthy is a goal everyone has in common, right? There are natural options such as dieting and exercising, calorie counting, mental exercises, and so on. But many people tend to forget about giving their back proper support when they are sitting still for extended hours.

Proper back support is vital for so many reasons. If you have a bad back, then you already know that it affects your ability to lift heavier items, your ability to sit or stand for long periods of time, and can limit your range of motion overall.

By giving your back the proper support it needs, you eliminate the aches and pains and keep your back pain-free and flexible. Not to mention, it will save you a trip from the doctor’s office due to debilitating back pains. 

A healthy back with proper support makes a happier person. So why not go for an option that will help you achieve that?

A mesh back support is a great way to keep your spine in proper alignment and prevents muscles from pinching or bunching up. With so many benefits to their use, it’s impossible to deny their functionality.

Where Else Can You Use a Mesh Back Support?

Mesh back support systems are such versatile tools that can go on any seat you can think of. Office chairs, kitchen chairs, car seats, airplane seats, boat seats, stadium seats, the list goes on!

It will help you avoid the overly squishy or hard as rock seats on buses and planes that are not comfortable or practical for the health of your back, especially if it’s a long trip.

For a much affordable price and the benefits it provides your back, it is definitely an item that should be in everyone’s ‘things-to-buy-list.’

These mesh back support systems are so easy to install and carry, you can even take it on a tour bus or cross-country bus and even on airplanes. 

Thanks to the practicality and multi-use of mesh back support systems, they can go wherever you go. Meaning you can stay comfortable no matter what type of seat you’re going to use. They come in black to match most office chair colors, and you might not even notice them installed. Let’s not forget about how easy they are to clean, so dirt accumulation won’t be a problem! 

Achy breaky back? Then purchase a Easy Posture Mesh Back Support!

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