7 Best Lumbar Supports for Office Chairs (Sept 2023 Updated Review)

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Do Lumbar Support Cushions Work?

Lumbar support cushions come in various shapes and materials and are some of the best ergonomic devices for preventing back pain. How much time do you spend sitting during a day?

Most people sit much of the day at the office then on the subway, bus or in their car on the way home, to watch TV, play games, or read, and they also sit to eat meals and socialize.

People sit for the longest periods at work and sitting in an office chair for a long time can cause muscle fatigue and poor posture. Poor posture leads to soft tissue and spine damage.

Sitting puts three times more stress on your lower back discs (lumbosacral discs) than standing. The lumbar support pillows or cushions prevent disc herniation and nerve damage. Your lower back is curved inward. The curve, which is called the lordotic curve, doesn’t often fit your office chair.

A lumbar support pillow bridges the gap between the chair and your back. The extra support prevents muscle fatigue which helps you sit tall rather than leaning forward or slouching down onto your spine. 

You sit at work for long periods and know you need to improve your posture to reduce lower back pain. How do you find the best lumbar support for an office chair? 


How to Support Your Back While Sitting

Since each chair, car seat, and couch has a different shape, it’s important to place and secure your pillow in a position to prevent lower back stress.  The support should fit into your back's curve and not drop out of place if you lean forward or stand up. 

The back cushion should be flexible enough to mold to your shape when you sit but firm enough to prevent poor posture.

Adding pillows or support cushions in your car and at home prevent back pain, too. If you travel, look for lumbar support cushions that travel well.


How to Add Your Lumbar Support to Your Office Chair

 Adding an ergonomic cushion can convert your seat to a low-back support office chair. Before deciding on a support, it’s important to take some measurements to determine where the pillow should be placed against your chair's back.

In other words, someone who is taller needs the curve to be higher. Some chairs have a bit of a curve already.

Try experimenting with a small pillow or rolled-up sweater to determine what height makes you most comfortable. There are ergonomic lumbar support office chairs available, but chances are the chair you have doesn’t fit your body as well as it could.

Adding a cushion can make a huge difference but make sure you place and secure it so your posture remains consistent and your muscles are supported. 


 7 Best Lumbar Supports for Office Chairs


 1. Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow made with Proprietary Hyperfoam Memory Foam.  Provides firmer back support. Great for deep seated cushion chairs or couch.

Cushion Lab

Cushion Lab Reviews:

"Normally when I'm sitting without proper support my back muscles are in a tug of war with my spine, leading to back pain all day as I try to maintain healthy posture, but the design of this cushion helps support and center my spine and I'm actually comfortable all day now."


"Bought a couch that was to soft. This pillow/support works great on it. Lumber works great and the two uprisers support the upper back without having something pressing on your spine. I also use it on my office chair."


Lumbar Support Features:

  • 1.)  The Multi-Region design was approved by physical therapists. The unique shape supports the lower, middle, and upper back for superior posture and muscle protection.  

  • 2.)  The adjustable strap can attach your cushion to the chair so it doesn’t slip, or secure it to your luggage when you travel. 

  • 3.)  The breathable rayon cover comes in red, gray, or black and can be removed for washing. 

  • 4.)  It's made of an extra dense hyper foam with rebounding ability so that it lasts a long time. 

  • 5.)  Versatile in use. Can be used in an office chair, recliner, or car seat.

The great thing about the Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow is that it's got multi-region support. Unlike many other products, it prevents muscle fatigue in the lower back and the middle and upper back.

The overall approach helps you maintain proper posture and sit up tall all day.

The rebounding hyper foam is firm but yielding, so you don't get stiff. Your muscles don’t cramp or get tired even if you sit for a 4-hour meeting or game session. 

2. Easy Posture Mesh Lumbar Support helps to maintain natural "S curve" of lower spine to improve posture while keeping your back cool.

lumbar support for chair 


 Lumbar Support Features:

  • 1.)  The Easy Posture provides mesh lumbar support for your office chair, car seat, or home seating.

  • 2.)  3D double mesh system of lightweight, breathable fabric provides solid support without retaining your body heat. 

  • 3.)  This mesh lumbar support includes a slip-resistant, adjustable strap that securely attaches the cushion to your chair. (You also get an extender straps you can use on bulkier chairs and car seats if longer length is needed.)

  • 4.)  Supports both your lower and middle back to ensure spinal alignment and muscle comfort.

The great thing about the Easy Posture Mesh Lumbar Support is its light weight for easy carrying and breathability, so you don't get hot on long drives or during long work sessions. 

The straps and extenders make it great for any type of seating, from loungers to computer chairs.


3. Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair: LOVE HOME Memory Foam Cushion with Mesh Cover - with double adjustable straps to secure to any chair or car seat.


Customer Reviews:

"Very cushy and extra straps really help for bigger seats!" 

"This replaced an old, worn lumbar pillow. I love it. It's firmer, it's got a better contour, it has sturdier straps (with extenders if you need them), and best of all, it's solid black with no writing or design. I don't need an ad on my desk chair." 

Back Support Features:

  • 1.)  The LOVE HOME lumbar support pillow comes in 7 different colors to fit every décor: black, azure, royal, violet, beige, coffee, and gray.

  • 2.)  High-density memory foam molded into a unique design supports the lower and middle back, promotes good posture, and never flattens. 

  • 3.)  Recommended by chiropractors for improved recovery after surgery and has been thoroughly tested and approved by physical therapists. 

  • 4.)  This lumbar pillow’s washable cover has a 3-D mesh system for excellent ventilation, so you don't get too hot.

  •  5.)  Fits any chair, including office or home office or computer chair, recliner, car, easy chair, or sofa. Includes two adjustable straps and two extension straps.

  • 6.)  LOVE HOME offers a 60-day, no-hassle return policy, and a lifetime replacement warranty.

The great thing about the LOVE HOME Lumbar Support Pillow is that it never flattens. It’s a great lumbar support for an office chair and back pain relief.

It's perfect for after surgery or injury recovery or everyday back support. If you suffer from sciatica or muscle spasms in your back, adding the LOVE HOME pillow will help alleviate back pain because you won’t slouch and put pressure on your spine.

The color choices are great. Pick one to match every room and office setting.  

4. Purple Back Cushion - Pressure Reducing Grid - cool comfortable back support for office chair.

Purple Back Cushion

Customer Reviews:

"I find that the gel cushion provides a good "bounce back" feeling that is comfortable to lean against, but that also encourages me to engage my core more when I am sitting. Huge help for building good posture habits."


Back Support Cushion Features:

  • 1.)  The purple grid cushion, made from a durable, hyper-elastic polymer, provides muscle and spine support but gives enough to be comfortable so you can sit for as long as 8 hours comfortably. 

  • 2.)  This cushion has a removable cover that you can throw into the washer, and the purple grid pillow itself can be washed with soap, water, and a sponge.

  • 3.)  The purple back cushion’s grid system allows free airflow to keep the material temperature neutral, so you don't perspire as you work or drive down the road.

  • 4.)  It’s a great travel lumbar cushion because it’s slim, only 2.48”, and fits easily into a carry-on. The integrated strap can also attach the pillow to a briefcase or suitcase.  

The great thing about the Purple Back Cushion is its unique polymer material and airflow grid system. 

You can wash both the case and the insert, and the slimmer design means you can slip it easily into a briefcase or carry-on so you can take it on the plane with you or a road trip. 


5. Lumbar Support Pillow: ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow for Office Chair and Car Seat



Customer Review:

"After 2 previous tries and returns of other back support pillows to Amazon, I am pleased to say that this one is well designed, dimensions are as indicated on the item page, and it fits with the strap extenders on my small Lazy Boy recliner. This one is a winner."

Lumbar Support Features:

  • 1.)  ComfiLife lumbar support back pillow is ideal for your office chair and car. It's made from high-density memory foam in a contoured shape, perfect for preventing back pain. 

  • 2.)  The ComfiLife’s shape fits the natural curve of your back while supporting you on the sides. The side support helps with posture and prevents muscle fatigue.

  • 3.)  Its 3-D ventilation system keeps you cool, and the 4.7" thickness feels wonderful no matter how long you sit. 

  • 4.)  The ComfiLife pillow is recommended for posture support and lower back pain relief at your office desk by chiropractors. 

  • 5.)  Available colors are gray or black. Removable & washable cover. 

The great thing about the ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow is that it’s got a double, elastic, adjustable strap you can use in any office chair to make sure it stays in exactly the right place. 

The company believes in its product and offers a 100% satisfaction lifetime warranty. They will refund your money or replace the cushion without question if you aren't happy with it. 


6. Seat Cushion with Backrest: SOFTaCARE Memory Foam Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow with cut-out tailbone design.


Customer Review:

"I don’t normally write reviews, but this cushion definitely is worth spending the time to write one. For someone like me that has 3 herniated discs and 2 bone spurs, it is a life saver, the best money I have spent in a long time. If you have back issues, I highly recommend this cushion."

Back Support Features:

  • 1.)  SOFTaCARE offers a two-piece set to make sitting extremely comfortable. You get a memory foam seat cushion and a lumbar support pillow. 

  • 2.)  The seat cushion provides coccyx support. The anatomical shape cushions your body while leaving a cut out for your backbone. Reducing pressure on your spine alleviates pain from herniated discs and tailbone injuries. The bottom of the cushion has raised bumps to prevent it from sliding around as you move. 

  • 3.)  Both cushion and lumbar support are made from high-density memory foam, and the velour covers can be removed for washing. The colors are black, dark gray, and light gray. 

  • 4.)  The lumbar support has something no other brand has, a pocket where you can store your phone or if you still have one, an mp3 player.  

  • 5.)  Use the adjustable straps on the lumbar support to secure it to the chair or bundle with the seat cushion for easy transport on top of your wheeled carry-on. 

The great thing about the SOFTaCARE Memory Foam Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow is that combining the two pieces makes sense.

By supporting your lower and middle back with the lumbar support and preventing stress and compression on the backbone, you are protected from both muscle and nerve-based back pain. 

The company gives a no-risk, 100% satisfaction warranty.

Whether you already have injuries or back pain or want to prevent them, using the two products together will improve your posture and help you sit for long periods in your office, car, home, or plane without discomfort or damage.  

7. Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow/Back Cushion, Memory Foam

Feagar Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support Features: 

  • 1.)  The Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow and Back Cushion combines a lumbar support for your lower back and an upper back cushion you can lean back on to prevent muscle fatigue throughout your back. 

  • 2.)  It’s taller than other support cushions, a full 17.32 inches tall. This means for most people, the bottom of the cushion can sit on your office chair's seat or car seat. Taller people can raise the pillow by using the two adjustable straps to secure it to the office chair, car seat, or home office chair. 

  • 3.)  The ergonomic contours give you a thicker lower back cushion than most products and side cushions on either side of your lower back to help with posture. The top of the shape is a little slimmer but still soft and comfortable for your upper back.
  • 4.)  In addition to the two office chair straps, there are two extensions so you can attach the cushion to car seats, easy chairs, and gaming chairs. 

  • 5.)  The breathable mesh and luxury velour cover comes off for washing. 

The great thing about the Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow/Back Cushion is that it supports your entire back rather than just your lumbar region.

The extra padding higher up means you can sit back if you get tired and completely rest your back.  The taller design means you can use it whether you are 5 feet tall or 6 feet 6 inches tall. Its extra straps make it versatile.

Use it for long car trips, relieve back pain while you work, at home while watching TV, or playing video games. It even fits the recliner you sit in to read.  


FAQ Section

Can a Lumbar Support Cushion Help with Sciatica?

They’re great for sciatica. Caused by discs bulging out and pressing on nerves, sciatica is caused and aggravated by slouching and leaning.

Since a lumbar support helps your posture, it also helps keep your spine and discs aligned. 

Are There Lumbar Pillows Designed for Living Room Chairs?

You can use any small pillow for lower back support on a couch or easy chair but a lumbar support works best.

Most products can be used on soft chairs but unless the cushion comes with extended straps, you won’t be able to keep the cushion in place. This means placing it behind you every time you sit down.

Can Support Cushions Work for Very Tall People?

Lumbar support cushions that don’t come with straps might not work well if you are tall. They may sit on your chair and be too low to fit the curve of your back.

You will constantly have to place and adjust them throughout the day. Get one with secure, adjustable straps so you can keep the support where you need it. 

Can I Use a Cushion on a Plane?

Airlines have no problem with passengers using lumbar support cushions. Because you are leaning on them, they certainly don’t present a problem if there is turbulence.

Add your pillow to your carry-on. Many have a strap you can use to attach them to luggage. 

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