Best Gifts for Someone with Back Pain - The Ultimate Guide of Unique Gifts

Best Gifts for Someone with Back Pain - The Ultimate Guide of Unique Gifts

Chronic pain is one of life’s most difficult problems.

When it flares, it drags you down so bad you’re desperate for relief. 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. Chances are you know someone experiencing this. If you’re wondering what could be a thoughtful gift for someone with back pain, we’ve compiled one of the most comprehensive back pain gift ideas on the internet!

Any of these gifts for back pain can help you gift someone a feeling of relief and renewed energy.  Good thing is this will be appreciated for much longer than you can imagine.

 Icing & Heating Gifts  

Ice and heating products can relieve mild or chronic pain, muscle aches, spasms, as well as, inflammation.

Find a back pain gift for your friend or family from our list of time-tested and proven pain relief products.

  1. Ultimate back pain gift Pure Enrichment PureRelief Heating Pad that penetrates sore muscles and relieves cramps within seconds.

heating pad pure enrichment


Verified Review:I ordered this product for my office chair working from home. I love the plush feel, larger size controller for ease of reading/use, the auto on OR off functionality along with the conveniently sized heating area. Definitely recommend this product. I love this heating pad and am so glad I purchased as my back feels so much better now..” 

  • • XL Large size, 12” x 24”, makes it ideal for wrapping around your abdomen or lower back to relieve cramps or back pain.

  • • Feel the heat in seconds with the easy-to-use ergonomic LCD controller control with higher wattage giving you six different heat options, ranging from 105℉-140℉. The auto shut-off safety feature makes sure you don't burn yourself if you should fall asleep.

  • • You can either apply water in a fine mist from a spray bottle or dab the cover with a damp sponge or cloth to add moist heat. The moisture helps the heat penetrate and oothe sore muscles.

  • • The gentle machine-washable soft microplush cover is long-lasting and strong. With the 9 foot cord, you can adjust positions with ease.

People who spend long hours sitting down are more susceptible to cramps and back pain. Good thing is this type of pain, however, can be treated naturally with heating pads.

We hope you believe it when we say only a few other products come close to the Pure Enrichment XL Heating Pad that can deliver instant relief for back pain!  This heating pad is very easy to use, even without professional guidance.

It works by applying heat to sore tissues to increase blood flow and tissue flexibility in the affected areas. Pure Enrichment also offers hassle-free 5 year warranty, even as a back pain gift.

This level of service and product quality has helped the product garner over 62,000 4-star and 5-star review ratings on Amazon!


2.     ColePak Comfort Hot & Cold Ice Packs (2 Pack) & Wrap that works magic on the lower back and other small body parts (molds easily on the back, knee, or foot). 

 ice packs for injuries reusable


ice packs reusable gel

Verified Review: “I came across this two-pack of similar-sized packs with the bonus (to me) of the wrap and strap. The cold packs work great. No leaks so far and they have been used a few times. The wrap thing is great, especially the band to hold it in place. The band is long enough I can stretch it around my chest to apply the ice pack to my back. So far, I would recommend this to anyone looking for something similar."

  •  Great holiday stocking stuffer

  • 2 gel ice packs w/sleeve for quick hot or cold therapy.

  • Hands-free use guarantees convenient placement with no hindrance to mobility.

  • Equipped with a hook and loop fastener that holds the ice wrap in place.

  • Non-toxic medical grade gel freezes very fast and stays cold much longer to be used easily and quickly.

  • Super affordable product that costs less than $20.

Chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, and hundreds of happy users on Amazon recommend the ColePak Comfort Ice Packs for natural pain relief. This product is not just the ultimate back pain gift. It can also be used for pain in other areas, especially those small, delicate body parts like the foot.

 You can heat one gel pack in a microwave for a few seconds to use a heating pad.

Again, you could keep the other pack in a freezer for use as an ice pack. Good thing is this comes with a fleece pouch, complete with an elastic wrap so there’s no hindrance to mobility. With the ColePak Comfort Reusable Ice Packs, you’re guaranteed both hot and cold therapy in a single product.


3.     ColePak Comfort Back & Knee Hot Cold Packs that users rave about for your knees & lower back.  Perfect set for back & knee pain! 

 knee ice pack


Verified Review:  "These Gel Ice Packs are perfect for swelling or inflammation due to overuse or strains. I have old knees but still, I exercise and walk vigorously. These ice packs are all I need to relieve the temporary pain, work great, adjust to fit nicely, and are handy."

  •   1 back ice pack & 1 knee ice pack for quick hot or cold therapy

  •   Perfect holiday gift for back pain relief or sore swollen knees

  •   Hands-free use guarantees convenient placement with no hindrance to mobility

  •   Equipped with a hook and loop fastener that holds the ice wrap in place.

  •   Non-toxic medical grade gel freezes very fast and stays cold much longer to be used easily and quickly

Gifts for back pain like this other ColePak Comfort Back & Knee Reusable Hot Cold Packs are perfect for pain relief. They are most suitable for pain in the lower back region and knee area. These can be used as ice packs for fresh injuries or as heating pads for aching muscles of the back.

This excellent product from ColePak is Amazon’s choice product for reusable ice packs. Thanks to its effectiveness, it has garnered a largely positive review from hundreds of satisfied users.

Massaging &

Pain Relief Gifts

According to Havard Health, therapeutic massaging may help close the pain gate.  That means there are massaging products out there that can serve as excellent gifts for back pain.

But you don’t have to stress over finding the best ones. We’ve reviewed the best massage and pain relief gifts out there.

 4.     The super-effective Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager that thousands use to relieve painful back muscles.

 tens unit machine massager

Verified Review:   "I am very happy with the strength of the charge and the variety of functions. I am on prescription meds for lower back and hip problems. This Tens has helped in the range of movement in my shoulder and has helped with circulation in my hip and legs. It helps take out the pitched feelings. I would buy this again so my husband can have his own. I really can't think of anything I don't like about it."  

     24 massage modes for the back and other body areas

  •  Controller with large intuitive LCD display for superior ease of use

     Intuitive controller with rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 20 hours of continuous use.

  •  Compact and pocket-size design makes it easy to take around

  •  Backed by a lifetime warranty and costs less than $40

The tens unit massager does a great job of relaxing painful muscles and tendons of the back. It stimulates nerve fibers and effectively impedes pain messages from the brain. This product currently has over 7,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. There’s no doubt it will be a god-send gift for someone with back pain.

This massage is super easy to use, thanks to an intuitive controller with a large LCD display. There are 24 programmed modes for the “Back”, "Neck", "Shoulder", "Elbow", "Hip", "Foot/Hands", "Knee", "Joint" etc. Your purchase is backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee and a whole lifetime of warranty coverage!


 5.     Popular OPOVE M3 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun that employs vibration therapy to reduce stiffness and pain in back muscles.

 deep tissue massage gun

Verified Review:  "I was once skeptical about this product but I have to say I am a believer now. After days of heavy back squats and deadlifts leading to some considerable knee pain; stretching, foam rollers, and hand rollers only did so much.  A few minutes with this at the end of my quads ended that muscle tension. This unit seems very well built and sturdy. The noise is also quiet for a machine working this hard. I am extremely happy with this purchase and I think you will be too."  

  •  Quiet Glide™ technology ensures quiet and optimal performance at 3200 rpm

    • Ergonomic design makes it very easy to use and handle.

  •  Nylon + fiber anti-drop shell ensures the product can easily withstand accidental drops

  •  Built-in rechargeable battery guarantees 3 hours of operation on a single charge

  •  Comes with a carrying case for easy storage and movement.

massage gun

The OPOVE M3 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun delivers strong pulses into muscle tissues. Aside from being very effective for pain relief, some users say this deep massage gun feels good as hell. Will this make a perfect back pain gift for your loved ones? Hell yeah!

It’s equipped with a brushless high-torque motor that employs a Quiet Glide™ technology to deliver deep vibration to sore muscles. For less than $200, this device is more than worth it if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for back pain.

 6.     The Ultimate Back Roller that many people swear by for back pain relief, deep tissue massage and better mobility.

 back roller yoga wheel

Verified Review:  "I'm a nurse, so yeah, my back hurts. I have knots and kinks that I'm always trying to stretch and message away... I came here to look at reviews for a similar product that I saw on Facebook and was disappointed. After some browsing, I saw this product, and the bumps looked like just exactly what I needed. Let me tell you, I could not be happier with this product! Those bumps find every knot and kink in my back. I use it on my yoga mat (my son tried it on the bare floor and it kind of rolled out from under him). A few rolls and my back goes, "pop! pop! pop!" and I feel like a new person. Finally! Relief!"

  •  Designed by a chiropractor

     Therapeutic bump design helps make this very effective for back pain
  •  Works for pain in the lower, upper, and mid-back region

  •  Strong EVA foam molding supports up to 1000 lbs

  •   Costs less than $60

The Ultimate Back Roller is perfect for anyone searching the web for back the best pain gift ideas. For a product that continues to garner 5-star raving reviews, the reasons are not far-fetched. The back roller is originally designed for spinal extension.

Despite the simple design, this back roller can withstand up to 1000lbs, thanks to the tough and innovative EVA molded foam. This is not like the other rollers that just jam the spine. The Ultimate Back Roller enhances spinal extension and is perfect for lower and upper back pain. It’s indeed the ultimate back pain gift.

7.     The Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Heat Massager which for many is the perfect at-home treatment for back pain.

 back and neck massager

Verified Review:  This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It is of solid build and can therefore massage deep into your knotted muscles. I mostly use it on my neck and upper back when I feel a tension headache coming and find it really helps lower the severity of the pain. The heat function is much better than I imagined, but you can turn it off should you wish. I particularly like that the massage heads are slightly different sizes so you get a varied massage. In my opinion, it has paid for itself in the short time I've had it.  

  •  3-dimension deep kneading for easy relaxation of tight muscles

     Ergonomic design makes it perfect-fitting for the lower and upper back contours

  •  Automatic shut-off to keep the device within safe temperature levels.

  •   Costs less than $50 to fight and prevent chronic pain

Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

The Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Heat Massager may carry a low price tag. But this massager is every bit high-tech and premium. Turns out the best gifts are not always the most expensive. This compact product is equipped with Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes that works wonders on back muscles.

The device boasts an advanced heating function. That functionality helps soothe aching muscles with heat. Turning it off and on is also pure bliss. The Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Heat Massager averaged 4.5-star with almost 20,000 Amazon reviews. No doubt this will be very appreciated as a thoughtful gift for someone with back pain.


8.     The super-powerful Mighty Bliss Electric Handheld Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager that pummels the heck out of aches back pain.

back and body massager mighty bliss

Verified Review:  "I couldn’t be more pleased! As a Massage Therapist of 13 years, I have avoided using electric massagers until now. I use it in combination with other tools like guasha and the results are fantastic! It cuts the workload on my body in half & my clients get faster relief! Thank you Coy & Mighty Bliss for creating such a quality product. I highly recommend it over Pure Wave & I’ve used both."

    •  Strong pulses for knotty spasms and muscle relief

       Super powerful 37,000 rpm percussion motor delivers instant relief in seconds

    •  6 different massage heads offer variety

 Quick-charge battery can go on blasting for over 120 minutes on a single charge

back and body massager hand held

This product from Mighty Bliss costs just around $100 but can be more valuable to anyone suffering from back pain. As a deep tissue massager, this device uses a 3,700 rpm motor to deliver strong pulses to relax tight and overused muscles.

The powerful functionality is also topped with a slim and lightweight design. This device has a super-speedy battery for efficient performance. Aside from being economical and efficient, this tissue massager will make a great back pain gift for your loved ones

9. The inexpensive Innova Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table that many wished they’d bought years ago.

 Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table

Verified Review:  "Excellent quality! Made heavy duty! I’m a retired airplane mechanic and I found this very simple to put together, thanks to the good print and direction. The materials and construction are made to last! About 45 minutes to assemble. If you have compressed disks or sciatica Then you will find relief by using this 10 minutes a day. I wish I’d bought this years ago! I have looked at many other and similar products but none of them compare to this in quality and price! I’m a very happy camper again!"

  •  Different adjustable positions for easy positioning and safe inverting different massage heads offer variety

  •   Comes with an adjustable lumbar pad that fits people of all sizes and heights

  •  Up to 300lbs capacity for users within 4ft-10" to 6ft-6" height range

  •  Ergonomic ankle holding design helps avoid pressure on the ankle while in use

  •  Lightweight design that’s easy to fold up and store while not in use.

 Massage tables have always been exclusive to spas and therapy businesses. This is often due to the amount of space they tend to take as well as their expensive price tags. But products like the Innova Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table are changing this narrative. More people who need massage therapy for pain relief now have it within reach, thanks to this being much more affordable.

You could make this even better and gift it to someone you care about. The Innova Heat and Massage Table is most suitable for pain in the lower back and waist areas.


10. Crowd favorite Penetrex Pain-Relieving Cream that tens of thousands continue to praise for its incredible pain relief and anti-inflammation effects.

penetrex pain relief

Verified Review:  "I am 81 years old with severe arthritis in hip, shoulders and I’ve been using Penetrex for more than seven years. I have recommended it to everyone and many have thanked me for introducing it to them. It is worth paying a little more than over the counter products I have previously used. A little goes a long way. . I have just tried the new roll-on and it is fabulous! I sincerely hope you will give PENETREX a try and please use it according to directions! Love this product and its results."

  •    #1 Best Muscle Rub by Business Insider for 2019

  •     Works for pain and muscle inflammation in the back and other body areas

  •     Proudly made in the US of A!

Over 40,000 people can't be lying! This product has garnered over 33,000 5- and 4-star reviews on Amazon alone. It was even voted the #1 Best Overall Muscle Rub for 2019 by Business Insider. This product is very simple to use. It’s a cream you just have to rub on your back or anywhere else you’re feeling the pain.

Penetrex not sticky, doesn’t burn, freeze your skin or give off an annoying smell. You can use it as a standalone product or with heating pads or any other complementary therapy if you so wish. This list of back pain gift ideas won’t be complete without this cream that many have called ‘life-saving.’


Back Support Cushions

 Lumbar support pillows and cushions are also worthy of consideration as gifts for back pain.

The only problem, however, is how you can select the best from among the multiple brands and versions on the market. If this excites you, here again, are our pick of the best support cushions available. These products offer the best bang for your buck as a gift for someone with back pain.


11. The inexpensive Office Ottoman Foot Rest that thousands of people can’t do without under their dangling feet!

foot rest cushion under desk

Verified Review:  "Finally found one that works for me!!! This is the third half-cylindrical footrest I have tried. The first one was too tall and pressed my knees up against my desk. The second one was too soft and if I crossed my legs my foot sank to the floor. Ugh! I feel like Goldie Locks --- This one is just right."

    •  •   Ergonomic footrest to avoid poor posture, cramping, and fatigue on legs and feet.

    •  •    Helps prevent foot and back pain that could result from maintaining a static position over a sustained period.

    •  •    Non-skid tread prevents slippage and holds it in place.

 •    Breathable zippered cover is machine washable.

Bunions, arthritis, sprains, peripheral neuropathy, maternity, foot surgery, gout, swollen feet, varicose veins, plantar fibroma & heel spurs can cause serious pain. All of these can get better with the Office Ottoman Foot Rest.

The Office Ottoman Foot Rest as a back pain gift is suitable for these kinds of pains.

It’s basically a footrest cushion but the effects go a long way to make a difference. This footrest provides a surface on which people can just plant their legs while seated. As simple as it seems, this helps to promote blood circulation; correct leg posture; and avoid needless pain.


12. The low-priced ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow that thousands rely on to get a good night’s sleep.

knee pillow for sciatica

Verified Review: "My husband has been suffering from sciatica pain for the past year. The pain would make sleeping difficult and was really bad when he got out of bed. He is currently going to physical therapy for it but has had very little relief. After one night using this knee pillow he had NO pain when he woke up! The pillow is firm enough to keep your knees separated yet the cover is very soft to the touch. Somehow it seems to move with you in your sleep without falling out of place. Amazing product! We were also impressed with how quickly we received the item."

  •  •  Ergonomically designed knee pillow for a pain-free healthy sleep

  •  •  Contoured design for optimum spinal alignment and blood

  •  •  Can help relieve back pain, hip pain, sciatica, etc.

  •  •  High-density memory foam material for long-lasting comfort.

  •  •  Breathable zippered cover is machine washable and never gets warm.

Back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and more can make your days feel like hell.  But they can also keep you awake at night as well. The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow, however, can fit between your legs to help ease this situation.

This knee pillow can help reduce sciatic pain. It can provide proper spinal alignment, and help redistribute pressure from your lower back area. With over 8000 5-star reviews on Amazon, this knee pillow has earned a well-deserved spot on our list of the best back pain gift ideas.


13.   The Easy Posture Lumbar Mesh Back Support that thousands of Amazon customers use to make their back pain-free.

lumbar mesh back support


 Verified Review:  "This back support is very effective at relieving pressure on my herniated disk and maintaining proper curvature in my spine when I sit. It is lightweight, so I can easily move it from room to room or from home use to car use--and even to the theatre or symphony hall, where I find sitting through a performance can cause pain for days afterward. It is essential for long transit or plane rides because the seats are made for people much bigger than I! The mesh keeps it cool and I find it works well whether or not I strap it in place."

    Great holiday gift for your co-worker or employees

     Ergonomic design fits a variety of chairs to help maintain your spine’s natural curvature 

    •  •  Breathable mesh material helps avoid heat and sweat retention

   Double lock design helps secure the back support on to the chair while making adjustments easy

  •  •   Bonus extension straps to accommodate longer heights

        Costs less than $20 thanks to the simple build and design

People who suffer from back pain will get this best out of lumbar back supports. If you give this back pain gift to your loved one, it would help keep their pelvis, shoulder, and lower spine in natural alignment.


14.      This small but powerful Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Cushion that thousands say is their choice for car back support. 

car lumbar support

Verified Review: "I'm usually too lazy to write reviews. But this product was so effective; I felt that I needed to. Whenever I drive 2+ hours at a time, my back really starts to hurt. No matter what I do, I can't find a comfortable position and my back just kills me. After buying this for my 4.5 hour trip home for Thanksgiving, I experienced absolutely no back pain--not even the slightest discomfort. If your back (especially lower back) hurts you at all while driving I highly recommend this product."

  Supportive and comfortable memory foam material for ultimate back support on hours-long drive

  Ergonomic back support for posture correction and streamline your natural back curv

  Comes with an odorless foam core

  Adjustable straps help keep the support cushion in place

Driving for long hours can subject the back to significant pain. For some people, preexisting pains may become even more severe while driving. The Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Cushion can work in any of these cases.

 The car back support is more than ideal as a back pain gift. It helps correct bad posture and helps keep your spine aligned. While most people just strap it to their car seats, the Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Cushion is just as great for office chairs and at-home use.

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