7 Top Back Stretchers to Crack & Stretch Your Back for Lower Back Pain

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7 Top Back Stretchers to Crack & Stretch Your Back for Lower Back Pain

Written by: Kimberly Roderick, Licensed DPT

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Millions of people worldwide suffer from back pain every day, and need drug-free ways to help ease discomfort. An alternative to drugs, orthopedic back stretchers help with muscle stiffness and compression ailments like Sciatica from bulging discs.

The right spine stretcher or back popper effectively stretches a user’s back and shoulders as well as the lower back.

Finding the best product for you means knowing what you need, understanding how stretchers work and what various types and their features do. Here are 7 we have researched and evaluated.

Back Stretchers for Lower Back Pain - 7 Best on the Market

#1. Florensi Back Roller - Back Stretcher

Florensi Back Roller

Features & Pros:

● These yoga wheels come in three sizes, 13-. 10-, and 6-inch diameters. You can order a single size or a kit of three.

● The larger size works well as a back cracker or stretcher. It is the most flexible for a gentle touch.

● The medium size is slightly firmer and the 6-inch the firmest for working on your neck and legs.

● Besides being ideal for stretching, the wheels help ease you into yoga positions and build core strength.

● Built with ecofriendly thermoplastic, you can choose between two styles. One has flexible, durable cork around the outside and a wood surface inside. The second uses firmer shock resistant, high traction black material on the outside and green thermoplastic inside. It’s more sweat resistant with a thicker pad.

● The wheels are lightweight and portable, but each can support up to 500 pounds.


● The wheels don’t come with instructions, although there are some videos on the website.

● The firm surface can be uncomfortable and takes getting used to.

● Unlike some other wheels, there’s no space in the middle for the backbone.

● Older people or people not in great physical shape may have trouble using the wheels.

What Buyers Loved

● “I’ve used them a few times now and I’m very impressed with the muscle tension relief that I have accomplished. It seems to help me correct my posture during the day”

● “Works great. Great way to stretch your spine.”

● “Don’t worry. didn’t brake holding strong after 2 months”

What Buyers Wished for

● “With my bad back it would have been great if it came with instructions on how to use them. I am afraid to get down and not be able to get back up.”

● “The cork material is pretty slippery. You slide right off of it when trying to roll on it. “

● “Wish it had a hollow spot for my spine, so it’s not crushed on hard surface.”

Florensi Back Roller Review:

“After YEARS of lower back pain and feeling helpless from not being able to move, bend over , stand up straight , and spending a small fortune on tens units, power massagers , inversion tables, creams, rubs, cbd oil, acupuncture matts , I have in to try these and HALILUJUA THESE AND FIXED ME ! I FEEL LIKE I DID 20 YEARS AGO! I can bend, stand, dance, go to and down stairs ! I'm telling you I wouldn't take a million bucks for these 3 hoops !! 🥰🥰🥰 praise God and thank you to whoever came up with these glorious , magnificent inventions! Add I'M A FLOOR NURSE and before THESE I was seriously considering getting out of my profession because of my right leg not wanting to work, and the pain in my lower back . Now I'm back in the have stronger than ever!! WHOOOHOOOO”

#2. Chirp Wheel Foam Roller

Chirp Wheel Foam Roller

 Features & Pros:

● The 12 -inch wheel has a spine canal space in the middle to prevent pressure on the backbone.”

● The wheel covering is ½ inch thick with pressure points to massage back muscles as you roll on it.”

● The structure is sturdy, holds up to 500 lbs, but is 100% PVC free.

● In addition to the big wheel, there are three smaller sizes for more intense back massage or use on other body parts.

● You can order the entire kit. Some people start with the largest wheel and progress to smaller ones to stretch their back more fully.


● You must make sure the wheel doesn't fall over on its side while using it. The wheel is hard.

● It takes a certain level of fitness and some balance to use it properly.

What Buyers Loved

● “My pain level has decreased tremendously and I feel this is a long-term solution to keep my back from locking up with tension.”

● “It’s firm structure finally actually stretches my back and the foam padding with spine channel doesn’t feel like my vertebrae and crunching in my back.”

● Get your spine back into alignment. After a long day of sitting at a computer, it really helps.”

What Buyers Wished for

● “This wheel just doesn’t work for me. I have a small “peanut” roller that works great, but I need something bigger for my upper back, but this 10” size is way too big unit.”

● “The foam compresses and your back makes contact with the exposed edge of the base material”

Chirp Wheel Review:

“I'm a skeptical person when it comes to things that seem a little too good to be true, but the amount of great reviews was enough to convince me to try the chirp wheel. This thing actually does what it claims, and it works great. I work a physical labor job that involves a decent amount of lifting, so my body can get pretty beat up throughout the week. Within a two week period of time using the chirp, I felt a significant difference in my upper and lower back pain when using the chirp twice a day. The chirp helped increase my overall mobility, and gives this weird sensation that your back is "lighter".

I know it sounds weird, but you'd have to feel it to understand what I mean by that lol. If the price tag is steering you away from it, I'd let you know I'd pay double the price after seeing the results. It's worth it.”

#3. Back Stretcher, Multi-Level Back Cracker

Back Stretcher Multi-Level Back Cracker

Features & Pros:

● This back cracker can be used while sitting or driving to support proper posture. Change the setting to arch your back more or less.

● If you lie on it on the floor, it stretches and pops your back through traction.

● The stretcher has three different settings. The lowest level is 2.8 inches, the middle 3.6 inches and the tallest, for the most stretch is 4.4 inches.

● There’s a nice thick pad along the middle of the device to protect your backbone.

● Where the device touches your back muscles, there are 108 magnetic acupressure points to stimulate and relax muscles.

● Using the stretcher to stimulate the back, helps the spine realign and stabilize.

● Improve the flexibility of the back and shoulder muscles


● If you have lower back issues, it might be difficult to get up after using this product.

● Not as sturdy as some other products. Some people found it doesn’t stand up to heavier weights.

What Buyers Loved

● “This thing can do a deep crack from the very top of my back, to almost the very bottom.”

● “Very simple to use, and successful. Just lay back down and relax yourself (relaxing is important).”

● “Easy to set-up and use. Quality product made well.”

What Buyers Wished for

● “I wish it would arch a little higher to get my back to really crack.”

● “The only weird thing is the foam strip. It isn't really attached, so you have to pull it through the slots. Then it stays in place.”

Back Stretcher Review:

“I really wanted this to work and it did!

I had had lower back pain form sitting at my desk for hours every day. I did a good 5 minutes on this back stretcher every day for 3 days and I could feel the difference - the gnawing ache went away!! I was impressed, because I do all kinds of stretches and didn't want to do an inversion table at my age (in my 60s!). I am so happy with this purchase and the ease with which I can use it. It makes total sense (right?) but the proof was in the way my back stretches out each morning!”

#4. LTUMHGCR Back Stretcher, Back Cracker for Lower Back Pain Relief

LTUMHGCR Back Stretcher

Features & Pros:

● The LTUMHGCR comes in three colors and has three settings.

● The lowest setting gives you the least traction and the lowest arch. It’s great for beginners.

● The medium setting works for more advanced users and the highest level provides the highest arch for professionals.

● The back stretcher can be used for yoga practice, back support in a sitting position, or back traction to crack and stretch your back.

● The surface of the stretcher has a center piece for your backbone and side panels that provide cushioned stimulators to massage your back muscles and provide traction

● The superior construction will hold up to 350 pounds.


● Some people found it difficult to adjust. You must use a knee to support the devise while changing the arch.

● The directions can be a bit confusing for some.

● You need some strength to assemble and adjust the device.

What Buyers Loved

● “Stretching my muscles works great and is effective

● “5-10 minutes of laying on this every morning helps to decompress my spine”

● “It works by realigning the spine and taking pressure off the nerve roots.”

What Buyers Wished for

● “directions that didn’t leave you confused”

● “while the product is heavy-duty and well made, it’s very hard to assemble.”


“ If you have more serious back issues such as bulging or herniated disks, spinal stenosis or degenerative disk disease, this is not a miracle cure all. However it can give some temporary relief. It works by realigning the spine and taking pressure of the nerve roots. It helps improve your posture and it is also very sturdy. I'm 240 lbs and it held up just fine. The first time I used it I felt two disks pop and had almost instant relief. I used it about 5 minutes then stood up and was mostly pain free (for a while). You can also use it while sitting in a chair or driving. I've been dealing with back issues for several years and I can say for the money, this is a good product.”

#5. Lifepro Yoga Wheel Set of 3 for Back Pain Relief

Lifepro Yoga Wheel Set of 3 for Back Pain Relief

Features & Pros:

● The three wheels provide stress and pain relief for your shoulders, neck, legs, and back.

● Use the large wheel to crack your back and align your backbone to relieve nerve pain that causes sciatica.

● Wheels also used for yoga and Pilates. You can add an optional exercise poster

● The sturdy wheels have high ridges to work muscles to relieve tension and hold up to 600 lbs.

● The wheels are lightweight, only 3.4 lbs and easy to transport and store.

● Lifetime customer support available to buyers.


● Some people found the firm, ridged, surface too hard and uncomfortable.

● The texture is uncomfortable for some.

● Using them can be difficult if you are not in shape.

What Buyers Loved

● “ I have enjoyed the extra stretch I'm able to get in my chest as well as a massage to the muscles along my spine”

● “exactly what I needed to help reduce the pain and fix my posture.”

● amazing for stretching and rolling out sore muscles. Worth the money.”

● “I was anxious to start using these yoga wheels. It will help me keep flexible doing my various exercises.”

What Buyers Wished for

● “  My first 3 days using this it hurt, was hard to align”

● “The two bigger ones are too big for me, I don’t feel steady on them and afraid I would fall.”

Lifepro Review:

“I tried the 3 different size wheels on my back. I got a couple of nice releases on my spine right away with the large wheel and additional releases with the mid-size wheel. I found the small wheel to be great for working the tension out of my legs. The poster is great because it demonstrates many exercises and stretches that I wouldn't have thought of, and I plan on incorporating many of them into my regular training program. Even though I have only been using my Yoga Wheels for one day, I have already found tremendous relief.”

#6. Acumobility Back Stretcher

Acumobility Back Stretcher

Features & Pros:

● This yoga and back wheel was designed by a chiropractor to be safer and more effective.

● The design includes four rows of large bumps made of high-quality EVA foam that massage muscles and relieve tension, but there’s a spinal groove in the center to protect your spine.

● The wheel is 11 inches in diameter and the band is 7 inches wide and supports up to 1000 lbs.

● Four fun colors available.

● It works on the entire back from neck to lower.

● Back cracker, muscle massager and also great for yoga exercises


● For people with injuries or mobility problems, getting up and down off the wheel can be tough.

● It only comes in one size, which may not fit everyone and doesn’t work on other body parts as well as smaller wheels.

● The massage bumps could be a little softer. Some felt they were too stiff.

What Buyers Loved

● “No matter how sore I am, just a few minutes with this thing will fix it.”

● “The bumps are big but are not too firm and definitely beginner friendly.”

● “I have had a lot more range of motion in my back since using it for about two weeks now.”

What Buyers Wished for

● “the unit only comes with one sized pad and you only get 4. “it would be nice to get a smaller size in addition to the 2” by 2” pads.

● “ It is not wide enough, I found myself slipping off.“

Accumobility Review:

“I didn't find Jesus (already found Him before) but it did take my to the pearly gates of heaven. The other reviewer had me laughing......great review if you can find it.

The product is sturdy and well made. It does hurt some but that is the deep tissue part of the wheel. I was finally able to get tension and align the middle part of my back in between the shoulder blades.

My kids are tired of having to walk on my back to help pop and release some tension and pain. I'm a heavy dude, so there was good deep work done. It did leave round red imprints on my back, but that went away in about an hour.

I felt loose and pain free right after using it. The 1st day I used it about 3 times and approximately 20 minutes each time

After use, I use my back massage to finish turning me into soft butter. So far so good. I have more mobility from stretching the back out and less pain and tension than before. After each use, I get less back cracking and pops. It's only been 3 days of use, and so far so good. I'm not getting the marks on my back as much as the 1st day.

In conclusion, yes it hurts...but it is the good kind.

#7. North American Healthcare - Arched Back Stretcher

North American Healthcare - Arched Back Stretcher

Features & Pros:

● The arched back stretcher gives your muscles a gentle stretch.

● Use it in a chair to support and stretch your back, or on the floor to pop and realign your backbone.

● The cushion makes this more comfortable for beginners and those with injuries.

● There’s a channel down the middle for your backbone so there’s less pressure directly on the bone.

● Use it as a spine board or back support while you drive.

● Lightweight and easy to transport.

● Improves back flexibility, and posture.


● Because it’s soft, it does less to separate your vertebrae

● You don’t get the muscle massage or stimulation you would get with a ridged or dimensional back cracker.

● There’s only one size and it doesn’t adjust in any way.

What Buyers Loved

● “I felt like I'd gone to the chiropractor and had a massage all within 10 minutes.”

● “it has tremendously helped with my back issues”

● “ If you have the need to stretch your back muscles, this is a very good product to do so.”

What Buyers Wished for

● “ The instructions aren't too extensive, but give you a general idea of what to do. In a nutshell, you lay on it”

● “You need a pillow for your head. Without a pillow, your head tilts back and can make you a little dizzy. “

North American Healthcare Review:

“This is the best back stretcher out there! I have recommended this particular one to at least a dozen people.

They are elderly and it has helped bring their posture back to what it was when they were younger and they move about with more strength. There are many back stretchers that can be adjusted to different heights and people have hurt themselves using them.

The simplicity of placing the wider part at the hips allows easier movement of the shoulder blades. Using a pillow for your head and shoulders is the best way to start until the back begins to open up. This is a simple tool that clearly show how form follows function.”

Back Stretchers for Lower Back Pain FAQ

Do Back Stretchers Work?

Back stretchers can be simple plastic arches you place on the floor, or wheels of different sizes you roll on.  They are all designed to do the same things, reduce compression, provide traction, and relax muscles.

Used properly, stretchers help to lengthen and stretch the spine to relieve pressure on nerves. By gaining more separation between the backbone’s vertebra, you can prevent total herniation of a bulging disc.

Getting pressure off nerves from bulging discs relieves the shooting pains from sciatica. Stretchers also stretch the back, shoulder, and neck muscles to relieve tension and muscle spasms.

How to Use a Back Stretcher?

There are several different types of back stretchers available, and everyone should check with their doctor or physical therapist before starting to use one. Because they all work differently, it’s also important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

With a simple mechanism you place on the floor or another hard surface to use, you first must assemble the product, placing the arch at the bend level you want.

Always start with the arch at the lowest level. Increase the arch angle as you feel comfortable with it.  Support yourself with your hands on the floor while you slowly lie back on the mechanism.

Where the support hits will depend on what portion of your back you want to stretch. Expect to feel a little uncomfortable at first, but as you relax, the stretching feels great.  Afterwards, sit up slowly and remain sitting for a few minutes before standing.

Wheels take a little more instruction. You should follow directions or videos provided, but you carefully lower yourself onto the wheel, having it hit where you want to treat. Roll gently back and forth to stretch and massage muscle. Use care when getting up afterward.

How Long Should You Lay on a Back Stretcher?

Most experts recommend getting into position very slowly and staying on the stretcher for about five minutes, before sitting up slowly. Sit for a few minutes before starting to stand in case of dizziness. You can use the stretcher twice per day. The wheel styles all differ, so it’s best to follow the instructions for use time. Start with a short time and increase to see the time that benefits you most.

Lower Back Stretch for Sciatica

Back stretchers work especially well for many sciatica sufferers. Sciatica is caused by discs that bulge and press on the sciatic nerve.

The pressure on the nerve causes lower back, hip, and even shooting leg pain. Often pain is minimal in the morning after the stress has been off the spine all night.

Typically, the pain worsens throughout the day, especially for people who sit for long periods. By stretching the spine a couple of times each day, the user resets the spine by separating the vertebrae and reducing the bulge in the disc and relaxes tight muscles that can add to the problem.

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