7 Best Comfy Under Desk Foot Rest to Improve Posture & Avoid Leg Pain

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7 Best Comfy Under Desk Footrest to Improve Posture & Avoid Leg Pain

Why You Need a Foot Rest While Sitting

Sitting for long periods can contribute to bad posture, poor circulation, leg cramps, and lower back pain. Even with the most adjustable and ergonomic chairs, it’s difficult for people of all shapes and sizes to fit behind a desk perfectly.

A footrest under your desk, particularly if you are short, can help with posture, preventing muscle strain in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. A desk foot rest promotes good circulation in your legs, too. 

Circulation problems that cause discomfort can lead to serious health conditions, including deep vein thrombosis, swelling, blood clots, and varicose veins. For efficiency, comfort, and overall health, a footrest under the desk has many benefits.

Benefits of Using a Foot Rest at Your Desk

 Improved Circulation - As you sit in a traditional position on a chair and your legs are perpendicular to the floor, your heart must work hard to circulate blood.

 Lower Back Pain Relief - Elevating your legs at your desk reduces pressure on your lower back.

 Improved Posture - Particularly for shorter people, having a footrest means supporting good sitting posture.  The ability to move your feet around while sitting keeps muscles from getting tired, further promoting proper posture. 

 Ergonomics - Having proper foot support and the ability to move and stretch improves a worker's movement efficiency

        How it Helps with Posture

        Sitting up straight with a comfortable curve to your back prevents muscle strain and undue pressure on your spine. Sitting in a chair all day in the same position can be difficult because muscles get tired of holding your body frame properly.

        Doctors recommend something called “active sitting.” Having proper foot support and the ability to move and stretch helps desk jockeys maintain good posture.

        Supporting your feet and making them comfortable promotes stable support for the rest of you. A footrest that moves so that your position can change slightly throughout the day encourages your body muscles to maintain a good position.

        Where Does the Fluid Go When You Elevate Your Legs?

        Fluids are subject to the laws of gravity. If your legs are down, fluid builds up in them, causing edema, swelling, and tenderness.  If you raise your legs, fluids move closer to the pump (your heart.)

        An under desk footrest, especially one that adjusts to different heights, can keep fluid from building up in your legs.  Using a footrest ottoman anywhere you sit will prevent leg swelling.

        Are Footrests Ergonomic?

        Ergonomics is the study of how efficiently a human works in a work environment. Whether on an assembly line or at a desk, ergonomic experts measure how much movement and effort is needed to accomplish tasks.

        An individual should have feet flat on the floor at a desk and reach everything required to complete their work. Without the support of stable feet, a person might slip down and need to use extra effort and not use desktop items efficiently. 

        If someone is short or a chair not perfectly fit to the worktop area, adding a footrest makes stable footing possible. A desk worker must occasionally move and sometimes stretch to maintain good posture and keep muscles from getting stiff. 

        A footrest that allows some movement can help with that. Sitting in the same position all day leads to less efficient movement as the day goes on. 

        7 Top Footrest Under Desk for Working from Home or Office


        1. Office Ottoman Footrest Under Desk

        Office Ottoman Foot Rest Under Desk


             Superior leg and knee clearance. With other supports, there isn't enough room for your legs under some workstations. The Office Ottoman is only 4 inches high, so you won't bang your knees, especially if you have a below-the-desk keyboard set up.

            Made in USA medical-grade, high-density memory foam that's the perfect firmness. It's soft enough to be soothing but firm enough to provide the support you need while working.

            The Office Ottoman’s cover has anti-slip tread and rubber bead bottom. The cover comes off for easy washing.

           Two-Sided Use either flat or rounded side up. Round side up provides a cushion for tired feet and support for your posture. With the flat side up, stretch and move your feet, rocking back and forth.  Changing from one side to the other throughout the day keeps your muscles relaxed and your posture strong.

             The two-sided approach, perfect firmness, and rubber beading provide relief from many foot ailments, including swelling, varicose veins, heel spurs, arthritis, plantar fibroma, and peripheral neuropathy.

          The great thing about the Office Ottoman Footrest is that it was designed in America and boasts the goldilocks benefit. It’s not too soft, not too hard, not too tall, not too short. It’s “just right.”

          You can choose between the flat and rounded sides and switch back and forth to vary your position, keep muscles comfortable, and keep your posture strong.  It's portable and great to use at home while you're gaming or watching TV. The washable cover means you can be comfortable using the footrest anytime, anywhere, with shoes, socks, or bare feet. 

          Customer Testimony:

          "As a 5’2” woman, no matter what chair I had, I couldn’t sit back and also have my feet on the floor. I ended up sliding forward and developing back pain. After reading various reviews, I bought this one and have been very happy with it.

          The height is perfect and I no longer slide. Sometimes, I flip the footrest over so the rounded side is down and rock back and forth, so my legs don’t get stiff.  I carry the footrest back and forth to work because I also like using it at home.  My daughter likes to use it under her knees when stretched out on her bed, working on her laptop so maybe I should order her one, too."

          2. Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest

          Mind Reader

               Height adjusts from 1 through 6” so that you can get comfortable whether you are five feet tall or six and no matter what type of chair you are using. 

               You get two so that you can have one at home and one in the office.

               The resting platform moves slightly from front to back and side to side so that your feet aren't stuck in the same position all day, and you can comfortably flex and stretch your feet when you feel like it. 

               Use the textured surface for a massage. Take off your shoes and rub your stocking feet along the top of the resting platform for a gentle foot massage.  The pebbled finish feels great on the bottoms of your feet. 

               Once adjusted, your feet, ankles, legs, and lower back are relaxed but stable so you can maintain good posture and work or sit comfortably for longer

            What’s great about the Mind Reader Ergonomic Foot Rest is you get two, and the foot massage feature gives you a nice treat in the middle of the day. The Mind Reader Footrest comes in a set of two, so you can put one in the office and one under your desk at home or in front of your favorite living or dining room chair. 

            It’s also nice that you can adjust it to fit whether your five feet tall or six. Once set, you can still swivel the platform slightly front and back or from side to side, so your feet don't stay in the same position for too long. Your knees, ankles, and feet remain relaxed, and your muscles don’t get stiff because you can never flex or move. 

            3. ErgoFoam Adjustable Desk Footrest

            Ergo Foam

               Breathable mesh covering keeps your feet cooler and drier by wicking away heat and moisture. Take it off to wash it.

               Firm support compared to memory foam footrests. The high-density ErgoFoam won’t collapse or break down.

               Adjustable height. Just add or subtract an inch or two depending on your size and the chair's design. Changing the height in the middle of the day can help prevent leg, knee, ankle, and foot fatigue.

               Recommended by Chiropractors. ErgoFoam is the only brand endorsed by US chiropractic doctors.  

               Domed shape relieves foot pain caused by common foot ailments, and by using the rest with the dome side down, you have a rocker to stretch legs and feet. 

            What’s great about the ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest is the superior, chiropractor-endorsed ErgoFoam material. In addition to using it as a footrest, it works great for under-knee support when you lie down.

            The cover fabric has wicking properties, so your feet stay cooler. Cleaning pet hair off the cover is simple for pet owners. The cover is washable, too.

            4. Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

            Eureka Ergonomic

                 Stable metal frame and environmentally safe rubber provide a stable resting platform. 

                 Scratch-resistant feet won't damage your floors.

                 No chemical emissions from strictly environmental materials. The FlexTech bed has an eight-point floating suspension system that allows total comfort and maximum body slide as you tilt back.

                 A broad tactile surface for a soothing foot massage. Slip your shoes off and relax by gently running your feet over the top for a relaxing massage that improves circulation. It has two different surfaces for your feet to enjoy.

                 Ergonomic design and floating adjustment provide stretch and support no matter your height. Angle changes from zero to 20 degrees.

              What’s great about the Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest is its extra-large textured resting surface and floating adjustment system that offers angles from zero to 20 degrees. Changing the angle throughout the day protects your legs, knees, ankles, and feet from fatigue and helps relieve lower back pain. The surface offers horizontal ribs and raised dots that feel great on the bottoms of your feet. 

              5. Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest

              Kensington Memory Foam

                   Luxurious memory foam for soothing your aching feet, legs, and back as you sit.

                   Foot pedal controls the Smartfit system that allows you to easily adjust the setting's height and angle. Settings can be changed without getting out of your chair. Elevation ranges from 3.5 to 5," and the angle has a 30-degree range.  

                   The Nonskid foot surface gives you added stability even on wood or vinyl floors. Other footrests might slip on smooth surfaces. 

                   Use the color code SmartFit System to get a personalized fit for your feet, ankles, knees, legs, and back. Once you design your perfect setting, you’ll know how to get the most from your under desk footrest. 

                   Smart Ergonomic design maximizes your work efficiency by relieving muscle stress and improving posture, even through a long workday.

                The Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest is great because its color-coded setting system, the SmartFit System, makes getting the perfect setting for your body and chair easy. The foot pedal makes adjusting the angle simple. You don’t have to get out of your chair to do it. 

                6. Adjustable Footrest with Removable Soft Foot Rest Pad

                Adjustable Footrest

                     Removable soft footrest pad with massaging beads can easily be transported and used independently. 

                     Adjustable footrest has four different heights and holds up to 120 lbs. ( other footrests only hold about 60 lbs.) 

                     Folds up easily to make it easy to carry and use in a car, train, or plane.  It only weighs about 6 lbs. 

                     Adjustable height and angle make fitting your size and chair easy. The different angles allow you to change positions and stretch muscles. The massaging beads provide a textured surface for massaging the bottoms of your feet.

                     Serves multiple purposes. You can use it as a stool or ottoman. Nonslip foot pads make it safe and stable on any surface.

                  The Adjustable Footrest with Removable Soft Foot Rest Pad is great because you can use it in many places. You can use the pad by itself to prop up your feet while lying down. You can use the footrest at its full height as an ottoman in the living room or at a lesser height as an under-desk footrest. Because it holds up to 120 lbs, you can use it to support the full weight of your legs and push against it with your feet to adjust your sitting position.

                  7. ComfiLife Footrest for Under Desk at Work

                  ComifLife Footrest 

                       The height can easily be adjusted to find a comfortable position whether you are short or tall and no matter what chair you use. 

                       Anti-slip bottom means it stays in place once you position the footrest under your desk.

                       It's very portable, so take it with you when you travel so you can put it under your feet in a plane or support your legs on the hotel bed.  

                       The rounded side works great under your knees when you recline or as a rocker to stretch your feet if you place it flat side up under your desk.

                       A high-density premium memory foam provides excellent support and will retain its shape for years. It’s plush enough to feel good but firm enough to provide the support you need for your back and hips.

                    The ComfiLife Footrest is great because it works as a footrest or leg support and can be taken with you when you travel. The premium memory foam has the right amount of support but feels good on your feet. The rocker feature can help you from getting stiff as you work throughout the day. Flip the footrest over and roll it back and forth to stretch your legs and feet as you work.

                    FAQ Section

                    1. Can you take footrests on planes?

                    Most airlines have no problem with you bringing a footrest on with you. You may have to stow it while the plane is taking off and landing but most will slide under the seat so you can easily get it under your feet for most of the flight. It’s a great way to keep circulation going while flying.


                    2. Are under desk footrests good for lower back pain?

                    A lot of lower back pain is caused by poor posture. Getting the right under-desk foot rest may very well help you sit properly and prevent lower back strain and disc problems. 


                    3. Is it better to get memory foam or hard surfaced footrest?

                    There are advantages to both, and it may be a matter of personal preference. The harder under desk footrests often have a nice textured surface you can use to massage the bottom of your feet. With the softer, memory foam types, there’s more give which feels nice and allows you to push down to stretch your feet and ankles. 

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