Top 7 Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers - Used by Truckers Daily

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Top 7 Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers - Used by Truckers Daily

Seat cushions designed for trucks can make a huge impact on a driver’s comfort and back health. The ride in most trucks, especially semis, is rougher and bouncier, which can be jarring and damaging to the driver’s spine and legs.

Truck seats also often provide little air circulation compared to the seats in most cars. Drivers not only get muscle soreness and back or neck injuries, but they also get the skin problems associated with excess sweating and poor air circulation.

Professional truck drivers, whether long-haulers, small box local delivery drivers or service company pickup drivers, have no choice but to spend hours behind the wheel. Long-haul truckers drive for hours at a stretch and while service and delivery drivers might get more breaks from driving, they still need comfortable seats to prevent injury and fatigue.

How to Make Your Truck Seat More Comfortable

It’s important for all truck drivers to find ways to make their truck seats more comfortable. The seats need to promote healthy driving posture to prevent a myriad of back problems, from muscle spasms to disc herniation, that are often problematic for truck drivers.

There needs to be enough cushion under you to prevent your butt from getting numb or painful. Circulation is also vital because drivers develop skin rashes and discomfort from overheating.

Some truck seats, especially those in pickups, may provide some lumbar support, but most either don’t provide enough or don’t work for everybody. Each driver also has a different body stature, with different leg lengths and torso measurements, so fit is very important. There are ways to improve truck driving comfort.

Use a Good Seat Cushion

Your bodyweight is resting on your bottom for hours, and many trucks don’t provide much in the way of seat cushioning. Use ergonomic cushions made of memory foam, gels, or a combination of the two to distribute your body weight evenly, soften the ride, and protect your spine.

If you are sitting on a comfortable cushion, you will slouch or slump less, too. Poor posture causes many back and neck problems, and if you’re not comfortable or your butt starts to go numb, you can’t sit properly.

Add Back Support

Maintaining a healthy S-curve in your back while you drive prevents injuries, aches, and pains. Adding an ergonomically designed lower back support, provides the help you need to keep good driving posture.

You could also use small bolsters behind your upper back and shoulders to help them relax. There are cushions available that attach to the upper seat or headrest, but many drivers have small pillows or cushions they use on and off to give their upper back, neck, or shoulders a break.

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Adjust the Seat, Steering Wheel, and Seatbelt to Fit

Different vehicles allow different driver seat adjustments. For example, you can tilt the steering wheel so that your arms are comfortable. With some trucks, you may be able to raise or lower the steering wheel, too.

The right height makes it easier to grip the wheel without getting tired and putting strain on shoulders and necks.

correct driving position posture

You can often also tilt the seat to help your bottom and legs stay relaxed and change the seat to steering wheel distance. Your legs should be at about a 120-degree angle and your feet should comfortably reach the pedals for maximum comfort.

Sliding the seat to a position where you can work the pedals without your legs hitting any barrier, will promote safe, comfortable driving. The seat back angle can also be changed. For most drivers, a 100 to 110-degree angle provides support for their backs while being upright enough for careful, attentive driving.

Drivers can customize their seatbelts, too. If standard seatbelts don’t hit you where they should because you are very short or very tall, you can order a customized seatbelt. There are also aftermarket products you can use to get the belt in the right place. You might also want to add some padding inside the strap where it rests against you.

Wear Comfortable, Breathable Clothing

Be sure to wear clothing that breathes to prevent your skin from getting overheated and sweaty. Layers are also great, because as temperatures change, you can more easily adjust what you’re wearing to match.

Top 7 Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers - Used by Truckers Daily

#1) ComfiLumba Car Seat Cushion - Has a tapered shape to prevent pressure on your legs and help prevent leg cramps. There’s even a leg extender which gives you 17 inches front to back for larger truck seats.

comfilumba car seat cushion

Features & Pros:

• The tapered shape, with three inches at the back and one inch at the front, helps short people see better and prevents leg pain. Sitting on this cushion makes you taller, but your hips are above your knees and the front of the cushion doesn’t press on the backs of the legs. That means a comfortable driving position without leg pain.

• The cushion uses a combination of memory foam and gel for the perfect balance between give and support.

• The shape, with its cradle lumbar gap, prevents or relieves sciatica pain, because the backbone is suspended to reduce pressure on the discs.

• The 4-D mesh cover provides excellent air flow for cool, comfortable skin. It’s also removable and washable.

• The strap and buckle attach the cushion to the seat, and the no-slip silica surface on the bottom keep the cushion from sliding around.

• For people with longer legs, there’s a leg extension at the one-inch end so that your entire thigh is supported.

• The company provides a useful video about how to install and use their cushion, but they also give you a great 10-minute video on stretching.

• The cushion comes in a useful carry bag so you can move it from vehicle to vehicle or take it with you when you travel.


• May be a bit too firm during colder months

• The leg extender may not be needed

ComfiLumba Review:

“Product is first of all comfortable and easy to install. It is supportive and I appreciate the leg extender. Very easy to clean as it is machine washable. Enjoying the product. Product is recommended.”

#2) Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion - Is ergonomically shaped to cradle your hips, bottom, and thighs to evenly distribute your body weight and relieve pressure on your spine.

cushion lab pressure relief seat cushion

Features & Pros:

Extra dense memory foam maintains its shape and distributes your body weight evenly.

• The shape fits your hips and legs to relieve pressure that can cause pain and injury.

• The split design leaves space for your tailbone which prevents or relieves sciatica pain.

• The smooth breathable fabric feels great, stays cool, and wicks moisture away from your body.

• The charcoal infused memory foam absorbs odor, and the cover can be removed and washed.

• The cushion comes in black or gray and has an anti-slip bottom, so it stays in place under you.

• The combination of the ergonomic design for your hips and legs and the opening for your spine makes this a zero-pressure support cushion ideal for truck drivers, and a great seat cushion for bus drivers.


• Compresses and loses structure for larger sized individuals

• May put pressure on the upper thigh due to thicker front & stiffer edge

• Size may be a bit narrow for larger individuals

Cushion Lab Review:

“I’m a truck driver, I sit on my ass most of the day. I’m not a big guy, 5’8” 175lbs but have had lower back/sciatic problems for 20+ years. I was going to chiropractor once a week. I bought these cushions and haven’t been back in 6 weeks and counting! It’s AMAZING how well the work for me! My lower back pain, sore shoulders and headaches literally went way in a day or two! SUPER happy trucker here”

#3) ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion - Has a cooling gel layer on top of the high-density memory foam to provide extra support and keep your bottom cool.

comfilife gel enhanced seat cushion

Features & Pros:

• High density memory foam and cool off gel provide support for your body and help you stay cool.

• This coccyx cushion, with a space left open so your tailbone is suspended, helps relieve sciatica pain.

• The shape supports your hips but doesn’t press on the backs of your legs. It also supports healthy posture.

• The velour cover is comfortable and can be removed for machine washing.

• The cushion has a built-in handle so you can carry it with you.

• The bottom of the cushion is non-slip rubber, so it doesn’t move around as you adjust your position


• Size may be a bit smaller for larger people

• May be a bit too firm for people weighing under 200 lbs

• Does not have a seat strap to secure seat cushion

• Design does not taper under the legs, may cause leg discomfort

Comfilife Positive Review:

”I spend 10-14 hrs a day in a semi, I’ve also been dealing with back problems for years, I wore out my last cushion I got from Walmart but just got this one yesterday and within the first hour of driving today I could feel it helping relieve back and tailbone pain!.”

4) Everlasting Comfort - Uses memory foam with heat response technology. Your body heat adapts the cushion to your body shape.

everlasting comfort seat cushion

Features & Pros:

• The heat response technology works to adapt and adjust the cushion to perfectly fit your unique shape.

• The ergonomic design with a U-shaped opening for your tailbone, provides hours of comfort.

• The shape supports great driving posture and reduces stress on back and hips.

• The slow-rebound foam never loses its shape.

• Available in five colors: black, blue, gray, navy, and red.

• The cover has a non-slip bottom and can be removed for washing.

• The cushion is appropriate for any seat from desk chair to truck seat.


• Not large enough for wider hips

• For driving purposes, cushion doesn’t extend under thighs

Everlasting Comfort Review:

”Great for long on the road truck driver’s relives pressure off tail bone and spine takes vibration and shock off spine for a long comfortably drive roughly road surface take impact off your back.”

#5) Xtreme Comfort Seat Cushion - larger than most other cushions at 19 inches across and 17.5 inches back to front so it’s a great choice for truckers.

xtreme comfort seat cushion

Features & Pros:

• Provides excellent cushioning on hard surfaces like dining chairs or truck seats.

• The dual layer foam helps the cushion retain its shape over time.

• The cover is made from a very breathable nylon mesh, so air circulates well, and your body stays cool.

• The larger size, 19 inches X 17.5 inches makes it great for larger seats and larger people.

• The cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine.

• Easy to install and stays in place with the non-skid bottom surface.

• Fits any vehicle seat from a sports car to a semi-truck.


• May not provide enough butt & back support for larger individuals

• Some may find it too firm

• May stain light colored seats

Xtreme Comfort Review:

”Wide enough to cover all my big butt. Am a semi truck driver is the second one I have purchased.”

#6) Purple Seat Cushion - The famous purple grid is oversized for bigger people and stands up to more weight, too.

purple seat cushion

Features & Pros:

• The pressure reducing grid pattern distributes you weight evenly to reduce the stress on hips and backbone.

• The special contour within the grid provides space for the tailbone and encourages upright posture.

• The grid pattern allows for excellent air flow which means you and your seat stay cooler.

• The Purple Seat Cushion is a full 21.5 inches wide and 18 inches deep, which is larger than most other cushions.

• The material is nonslip and won’t move as you change position or get in and out of the truck.

• Purple cushions are USA made.


• May not provide enough butt & back support for larger individuals

• Some may find it too firm

Purple Seat Cushion Review:

“I'm an OTR trucker that weighs close to 240lbs and drive for hours on end. I've tried other seat cushions and none of them came close to the comfort that the "Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion" gives me. Yes, it's an expensive cushion but for heavy set guys or gals this will save your behind from aching after a couple of hours of driving, in my opinion it's worth every penny.”

#7) Kingphenix Premium Car Seat Cushion - Great for shorter drivers and it’s made with great looking, premium PU leather.

kingphenix premium car seat cushion

Features & Pros:

• Great for shorter drivers because it improves their driving view and corrects posture to prevent back injuries and fatigue.

• The memory foam provides coccyx and lower back pain relief.

• The cushion stays comfortable and retains its shape in all temperatures.

• The cover is stain- resistant and easy to clean. It has an invisible zipper and a convenient carry handle.

• The rubberized bottom keeps the cushion in place.

• The back portion of the cushion provides an additional 2.5” of height which is great help to short people.

• There’s no pressure on the backs of your legs, and your hips are comfortably above your knees for proper driving position.

• The premium PU leather, is great looking, breathable, durable, and easy to clean.


• May not too thin & not enough firm support

• May slide around when entering/exiting the vehicle

Kingphenix Review:

“I recommend this seat cushion. It is larger than most and fits big seats like a pick-up. Made of real leather with a very handsome pattern and it raises the seat higher for short people.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a cushion for truck driver?

There are a couple of things to consider when looking at seat cushions for truck drivers. You want something that will cushion the body because of the rough ride in most trucks. Make sure the cushion gives enough to be comfortable, but not so much that the cushion collapses over time. The shape is important, too. You want to make sure the cushion doesn’t press on the back of the legs and cut off circulation. A cushion with a flatter front portion, or one that’s shaped to put legs in a comfortable position are the best. Keep coolness in mind, too. The fabric should breathe and wick moisture away from the body.

Are truck seat cushions different than car seat cushions?

Seat cushions are usually multipurpose and most work for everything from office chair to truck seats, but some cushions work better for truckers than others. Pay close attention to how much the cushion prevents leg pain on long drives. Make sure the cushion won’t collapse over the course of a long drive and pay attention to cooling factors.

Is it good to have more than one pillow for long drives?

For truck drivers, bus drivers and others who make marathon drives, consider having a second cushion. Even the best seat cushions may flatten somewhat over time, so when you take a break from driving, you could switch cushions. Also, a slightly different shape could relieve any muscle tension caused by sitting in the same position for a long time. You could also benefit from a second cushion because the fresh seat will be cooler.

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