5 Top Sciatica Braces for Pain Relief

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5 Top Sciatica Braces for Pain Relief

People living with sciatica know stabilizing the lower back can prevent or reduce pain. A disc herniating and pressing on the sciatic nerve can cause shooting pains from the lower back down into the legs, anything that keeps back discs aligned and stable helps. One great tool for stabilizing the lower back is a good sciatica back brace.

Discs between vertebrae can bulge and press on nerves due to injury, poor posture, lifting too much weight, or excessive bending.

The brace can improve the wearer's posture, prevent stress on vulnerable lumbar discs, when lifting something heavy, and remind the wearer to avoid bending.

Therefore, choosing a great sciatic back brace and wearing it properly, especially at work or while exercising or being active, is important.

#1) Sparthos Back Brace for Sciatica, Herniated Disc, & Lower Back Pain

Features & Pros:

● There are three sizes, small, large, and x-large and they fit waist sizes from 26 inches to 72 inches.

● The elastic mesh breathes so you stay comfortable while wearing it.

● The materials are supportive, using rigid support stays and an adjustable, shaped lumbar support pillow.

● In spite of the great support, the brace is less bulky than some others so it doesn't show when worn under clothing.

● The industrial strength Velcro keeps the belt in place while you lift heavy objects or twist and turn your body.


● Because of the support, it's difficult for the wearer to sit while it's on, especially for smaller torsos.

● It's best to choose a size larger than indicated if your waist is close to the top of the scale.

What Buyers Loved

● With the three sizes and adjustable straps the belt fits very well.

● The belt is less bulky and therefore less noticeable when worn under clothing.

● The adjustable lumbar support pillow makes a big difference for many people.

What Buyers Wished for

● Some found the material uncomfortable against skin, so they needed a thin t shirt under the belt for comfort.

● People who bought it for running didn't think it was comfortable for that activity.

Sparthos Review

“I didn't have high expectations when I ordered this to help me with back pain related to being a professional caregiver.

However, I wore it for a shift and was amazed that I did not have the pain I usually have afterwards! This is a game-changer for me, as I was wondering how I would keep doing this career as I age.

Now, I know. Not only do I do pilates every day, and stretches, and be careful how I lift and work on my posture, and many other things to help with muscle pain - but now I have this back brace to really put the icing on the cake and actually be pain-free!

I'm excited. I ordered another brand at the same time to try them both, and this one was the best.”

#2) FREETOO Back Braces for Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Relief – 6 Back Support Stays

Features & Pros:

● Excellent choice for weightlifting.

● You get 360 degrees of support with four special aluminum stays that are much stronger than other types, plus two spring stays that allow more fluid movement.

● There are five sizes from small to x-large for waist sizes up to 66.9 inches.

● The two adjustable straps use non-scratchy, sticky touch fasteners for greater comfort.

● The anti-skid lumbar support mechanisms keep the belt in place while you move.

● A 16-hole mesh helps the belt breathe.


● The sticky touch fasteners may not last as long as the Velcro some other belts use.

● This belt doesn't fit as low on the body as others do.

What Buyers Loved

● Loved the fit, very comfortable and adjustable.

● Works well for my longer torso.

● I have a bad back and got great relief from the sciatica support belt.

What Buyers Wished for

● Some found the side support less than satisfactory.

● For some, the pad tended to slip down or roll over time.

● The sizing instructions were not completely accurate. Go up a size.

Freetoo Review

“I have back issues from constant wear and tear and a few minor injuries from my physical job and was told a back brace might help. I was a little apprehensive, worried having something tightly wrapped around my torso would be uncomfortable and limit my movement, but so far this thing is great.

My back started to feel better immediately after putting it on, and even when I tighten it as far as it can go on me I can still breathe and bend fine!

Followed other reviewer's advice and went one size up - do this! I think if I had ordered my actual size it would only fit at the upper end of its extension, whereas the larger size fits perfect and you can comfortably tighten it to wherever you need it.”

#3) BEACTIVE Plus Acupressure System - Leg Brace for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Features & Pros:

● Works with acupressure points in the calf rather than giving the back support.

● Wear the leg brace on the calf, below the knee and slide it around until the R points right and the L left. Tighten and wear while exercising.

● The support fits calves from 12.5 inches around through 21 inches.

● Adjust the tightness for comfort. The pressure on the sciatica pain trigger points just below the knee will control pain.

● Using this product reduces your need for pain medication.


● There's no back support with this. It just treats pain with acupressure.

● The device seems to work for most people, but not all.

What Buyers Loved

● Athletes with sciatica pain love how much less pain they have when they wear it.

● It gives immediate relief to the pain you already have from sciatica.

● It's easier to wear than a back support brace.

● This seems to fit most people and the straps make it easy to tighten when needed.

● This is less bulky to carry when traveling.

What Buyers Wished for

● Wish the relief lasted longer. Some people had pain return after wearing the support for a while.

● Wish it eliminated pain rather than just reducing it.

● May not work for very slender people.


“Saw this advertised on TV - skeptical at first, but...I have had unrelenting sciatica down the back of both legs always burning through my hamstrings.

Have had PT twice, NSAIDS, Gabapentin, muscle relaxants and still annoying pain. Not enough to immobilize me but always annoyingly there.

A bit when I swim, not much on the bike - but the runs were not enjoyable at all. I put this on - left leg as that's where my back pain is most localized - adjusted to pressure point location (important) and it has been magical.

Not a miracle cure but I notice the effect as a decrease in the radiation of pain into my legs. I'm wearing it when I run now as well. My chiropractor is not surprised - suggests it does just enough to interrupt the nerve signals on the sciatic nerve. Hoping it lasts!”

#4) MODVEL Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Relief

Features & Pros:

● The two superior quality Velcro adjustment straps and two pull strings make adjustments easy.

● The brace comes in six sizes from small for 27.6 inch waists to plus size for up to 55 inch waists. More sizes mean a better fit.

● The anti-slide lumbar support keeps the brace from slipping down while you wear it.

● The orthopedic design corrects the bad posture that can cause herniated discs and sciatica.

● The 16-hole mesh provides air flow for comfort.

● The brace supports back, sides, and abdomen, 360 degrees.


● This brace has wider straps than some others, making it bulkier.

● The size chart may not be completely accurate.

What Buyers Loved

● Gives excellent support while driving.

● The two ways to adjust the tension are great.

● The lumbar support stays in place with this one.

● Very sturdy and well made.

● Excellent choice for heavy lifting, especially at work.

What Buyers Wished for

● Wish it was less bulky. Hard to wear for long periods.

● Wish they had bought a bigger size. The size chart might be a bit off.


“I am very happy with my Modvel back brace. It fits perfectly and gives me the support I need.

I have been wearing a back brace for years due to chronic low back pain, and this back brace is by far the best of all the other products I have tried.”

#5) Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt

Features & Pros:

● Named after the yoga Vriksasana "tree" pose, this hip belt is designed to improve posture and stabilize the SI (sacroiliac) Joint.

● The belt is narrower than other products and fits around the hips to provide lower back support.

● The three sizes use hip measurements rather than waist which helps with proper fit.

● Breathable neoprene uses minimal elastic to give good support.

● The structure is semi-rigid, so movement is easier.

● The material is anti-slip and anti-pill for long-term comfort.

● It uses dual suspenders you pull and place for a secure fit.

● The narrower design makes this easy to wear and allows free movement.

● Great choice for pregnant women, because it fits much lower on the body and provides lower back support.


● It only fits people with hips measuring less than 46 inches.

● It doesn't support the abdomen area.

What Buyers Loved

● I can wear it as advised (aligned with the hip/thigh crease) and have it cover and support my hip bones.

● Because it's thinner, it's easier to wear and conceal under tight clothes.

● It is more flexible so it's easier to move with it on.

● Great for pregnant women having back pain. It helps with posture and gives hip and lower back support.

● Much easier to conceal under workout clothes.

What Buyers Wished for

● Wished they'd ordered a smaller size. Fit was too big.

● Wished it contained less latex, which causes sweating and allergic reactions for some.

● Wished it came in larger sizes.

Vriksasana Review

“For years I've been plagued with lower back issues, been to multiple doctors who've all told me different causes for my issues. However, I've always suspected on my own its been a SI muscle/joint issue.

I used this for a couple weeks and was completely rehabilitated! My lower back is in much better shape now and I just pull this out if I'm doing some extensive yard work or want to really push it at the gym.

Do Back Braces Help Sciatica?

Sciatica is worsened by poor posture so a back brace can help because it corrects your posture. Improving posture keeps the discs from causing sciatica pain by herniating and pressing on the nerves.

A good brace also provides the support needed for patients to exercise safely. It helps with rehabilitation.

A brace can prevent further injury and encourage healing. A back brace helps your core muscles rather than your spine absorb the impact from exercise and the activities of daily living.

You can build up stomach and back muscles so that they take over the job of supporting your skeleton. Back braces that alleviate pain can also help you avoid opioids.

How to Wear a Back Brace for Sciatica

Back braces from different manufacturers may fit and work differently, so following the instructions that come with the product will help the brace work best. Some suppliers even provide video instructions.

Some are designed to fit around the waist and provide strong support all around your core. Others fit lower down and support the hips and lower back.

Be sure to buy the right size by measuring your waist or hips accurately. Measure while your body is in neutral position. Don't pull your stomach in or completely let it hang out.

Be sure to place the belt carefully with the seams where they should be before tightening with straps or pulls. Start by wearing the belt for short periods so your body gets used to it. If the material irritates your skin, try a thin T-shirt under it. Adjust the belt until you get support but feel you can move freely.

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