[Current List] Top 7 Portable Heated Seat Cushions to Stay Warm (What Buyers Loved!)

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Top 7 Portable Heated Seat Cushions to Stay Warm (What Buyers Loved!)

Updated & Reviewed List - 10/8/2023

In the Fall, many of us have outdoor activities we enjoy. Whether it's camping, fishing, or just taking in a football game, as temperatures start to fall, having a heated seat cushion can make a huge difference.

No matter how many layers we wear, sitting on a cold stadium bench can be chilling.

Some cars don't have heated seats and adding a heated cushion means winter mornings are less jarring. People who are always cold or suffer from arthritis like using heated seats indoors.

Some heated seat cushions work better than others for stadium seats or camp chairs, and others have multiple uses including office chair or home use.

Some work great in the car. If you attend local high school sports, chances are there are no backs to the stadium benches and choosing heated seat cushion with a built-in back support can make sitting comfortably easier.

#1) Heated Seat Cushion for Car - Zone Tech Car Travel Seat Cover Cushion

heated seat cover

Features & Pros:

• Designed for both driver and passenger seats.

• The heated seat cushion for the car fits from across your shoulders, down your entire back, and even to your upper legs.

• The LED display remote control is easy to use. Just hit a button to increase or decrease heat and turn it on or off.

• The seat covers install easily with one buckle and two hooks. The non-slip surface helps keep it in place.

• When you're not using it, this cushion folds to 23" x 15.5" so it fits under the seat.


• Because you must plug in to either a car portal or household outlet, you can't use this for outdoor activities.

• It's best to unplug the device when you're not in the car so the battery isn't taxed.

What Buyers Loved

• Coupled with a dual power source, these seats perform as advertised and feel like they were part of the seat.

• It is great for my spinal inflammations.

What Buyers Wished for

• Some think the hip area could be a bit wider.

Zone Tech Review:

"We bought a vehicle that didn't have heated seats - which was a downgrade for us. This however, is a must have if you do not have heated seats in your ride.

You can adjust to the exact degree temperature that you want your buns to be warmed to. My wife is happy, and I am happy. Buy this to stay warm."

#2) Heated Seat Cushion for Stadium - Heated Stadium Seats for Bleachers with Back Support

Heated Stadium Seats for Bleachers

Features & Pros:

• Excellent choice for sports stadiums, because of the back support and pockets for drinks and goodies.

• The USB charging battery comes with it and can simultaneously charge your device while it heats your seat.

• Three choices of heat, up to 115 degrees.

• The back support has 6 reclining positions so it's great for camping, too.

• A strap holds it to the seat, so it doesn't shift around.

Wider than average seat and larger internal heating pad for maximum comfort while you watch the game.


• Only the seat is heated, not the back

• The arm position is one size fits all, so may not fit larger or smaller people.

• This can only be used at stadium or for camping. Doesn't fit into car or an office chair well.

What Buyers Loved

• Perfect for bad back.

• Warm with good back support.

• I have a bad back & will be using this extremely supportive chair year round!

What Buyers Wished for

• You can't purchase a replacement battery from the company.

• The padding is a bit thin.


"I used it for our kids softball game. Super comfortable and love the fact that you can use it with or without the arm rests. We were unaware of that feature. It's not cold yet som we didn't use the heater. Actually looking forward to some cold weather Boise State football games now! Going to be warm and toasty!!"

#3) Outdoor Heated Seat Cushion - ACELETIQS Portable Heating Pad Stadium Seat Cushion

Outdoor Heated Seat Cushion

Features & Pros:

• This heated seat cushion is portable and convenient for camping, boating, the park, the office, and the stadium.

• The 10,000 MAH battery has two ports so you can charge your phone while you sit on the heated pad.

• The remote control has three settings with the highest heat of 130 degrees.

• The carrying handle makes it great for taking places, and the strap under it, attaches to the seat.

• The surface is water resistant and anti-slip rubber.


• There's no back support on this one.

• The wires and battery are all external, rather than fitting into a pocket or compartment.

What Buyers Loved

• Just the right size to fit my camping chair

• Used it at a high school football game and kept me toasty!

• This is daily chargeable and holds a charge for a few events/days. It's the perfect size for someone to easily carry around.

What Buyers Wished for

• Wish it had a pocket or storage spot to store the battery pack.


"Excellent heated seating pad. The temperature is comfortable even on cold evenings. Very good quality with nice materials and easy-to-use controls. The battery is working nicely and seems to be of a high quality. I have enjoyed using this pad as a seat heater in my side-by-side vehicle! Thank you."

#4) Heated Seat Cushion Rechargeable Battery Operated - Giant BioGEAR GameWarmer Bleacher Seat

Heated Seat Cushion Rechargeable

Features & Pros:

• The cushion is lightweight, easy to carry with its cutout handle and is spill resistant.

• The fiber heating panel provides heat levels between 101 and 130 degrees.

• There's a 10,000 AH rechargeable battery that lasts between three and five hours, depending on use and conditions.

• Use the battery to recharge a device, too.

• Works anywhere you sit from ice fishing to the office.


• This one isn't as cushioned as some others are. It's for heat only.

• The cushion also isn't large enough for some people to fit comfortably.

• It doesn't heat up fast.

What Buyers Loved

• Kept my buns warm...got me through football season!

• Recharges quickly; cover is a nice durable fabric.

What Buyers Wished for

• Feels like styrofoam. Wish it had more padding.

• Wish it was larger.

Biogear Review:

"This seat warmer is the greatest thing to ever happen to spring baseball tournaments in WA. It keeps me so warm! I'm not sure how long the battery lasts, since I am sure to recharge it the night before a tournament day. But it lasts the full day with turning it on and off throughout the day. It gets so warm that I have to turn it off after 10 minutes or so. Then when I'm feeling a little chilly again, I turn it back on. It's amazing! I actually like it better than my little buddy heater.

Seller was fantastic too! I ordered two of these and one didn't come with the charging cable. I sent a message to the seller and they sent me a replacement that arrived a couple days later."

#5) Heated Massager for Chair - Snailax Massage Seat Cushion - Back Massager with Heat

Snailax Massage Seat Cushion

Features & Pros:

• The six nodes massage your shoulders, middle and lower back and hips.

• You get heat on your bottom and midback and you can set the shut-off timer for 15,30, or 60 minutes.

Fits an office chair well and secures with straps and has a non-slip surface underneath to keep it from moving as you get up and down.

• The super soft 100% polyester cover is comfortable against bare skin.

• This heated massager plugs into an outlet with a long cord for convenience.

• Excellent choice for people with back problems, the heat and massage help make working for long hours easier.


• Because you must plug in to a household outlet you can only use this product in an office or home.

• It doesn't fit other chair types well.

What Buyers Loved

• Great for a sore back & neck!

• Seller offers an extended warranty

• Great alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a massage chair.

• Love that it has a long cord.

What Buyers Wished for

• Vibration is a little loud.

Snailax Review:

"I have a pinched nerve in my back and this massage seat absolutely works wonders! The heat is a perfect temperature. I literally fall asleep with a deep massage everyday. It's my highlight of the day"

#6) Heated Seat Cushion for Office Chair - KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion with Pressure-Sensitive Switch

KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion

Features & Pros:

• The heated cushion works for office chairs, wheelchairs, and car seats, by using the car lighter adaptor.

• The two modes allow for either manual or automatic controls.

• With automatic, a pressure-sensitive sensor switches heat on and off.

• The manual mode has three settings and colored lights that correspond. Red is 140 degrees, Blue 122, and Green 104.

• The elastic bands secure the cushion to the chair or car seat, and the non-slip surface keeps if from slipping.


• The power button controlling the automatic setting is under your legs, making it hard to switch heat off without getting up.

• It doesn't heat the upper back well.

What Buyers Loved

• Much more efficient to directly warm my seat and back rather than the whole room.

• It's made to work in cars and homes, so it comes with a power cord for 120v use as well as a car cigarette lighter plug.

• Excellent for attaching to work chair in cold office.

What Buyers Wished for

• Warms the bottom well...wish it had more heat for the back.

• Wish the power button was not right on the front center of the seat pad.

Kingleting Review:

"Great product. Purchased for my dad who at his current age and health is always cold if the temp is below 90 degrees. This heated seat is on the couch where he prefers to sit(our Sheldon, Big Bang reference), and with the auto on/off option we don't need to worry about him forgetting to turn it off. This seat came with the wall plug adapter as part of the package. I would recommend this product to others. I may end up buying a second to keep in the car as the weather changes and becomes cooler."

7) Heated Seat Cushion for Hunting - Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT Heat-a-Seat Insulated Hunting Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Cushion for Hunting

Features & Pros:

• There aren't any cords or batteries so you can use it anywhere, any time.

• The cushion is light weight, easy to carry and comes in blaze orange or camo so it's popular with hunters.

• This cushion is filled with insulsoft insulation that reacts to body heat and reflects heat back to you as you sit or lean against it.

• The simple design makes it great for everything from outdoor sports or stadium use to indoor use by older people.


• People who've had earlier versions say it doesn't work as well or stand up to use as long.

• The heat is limited to what the body heat provides. It doesn't get as hot as electric pads.

What Buyers Loved

• Great for those who battles arthritis.

• Really helps me stay warm on the boat during winter fishing

• Keeps your back side dry and warm. Great for hunting or camping.

What Buyers Wished for

• Wish it got warmer. Didn't feel heat like the old style that radiated heat.

• It's a bit too bulky.

• Feel a bit lumpy when you sit on it....not good for bleacher seats.

Northeast Review:

"Even though it is cold in New England during the winter, I like to sit outside whenever possible as I wait for the bus ride home. I use this especially while waiting for the bus home, as the most sheltered place to sit is on a slab of concrete."

Can Heated Seats Help with Back Pain & Sciatica?

Sciatica is worsened by poor posture so heated seat cushions, especially those with a built-in back support can help. If you suffer from back pain due to muscle weakness or spasms, heat helps there, too.

By applying heat, you sooth sore muscles that have continued to tense because of discomfort. The heat promotes healing if there's damage to tissue because it increases blood flow to the area.

With nearly 9 years of experience in the medical field, Marijune holds a registered nurse license and a certificate as a mental health nurse practitioner. She is an adventurous young professional, and her hobbies include diving, windsurfing, and saber fencing. As an avid writer, she is most passionate about sharing acquired knowledge in the medical field and how to apply it to improve the quality of life of our readers. more
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