Lumbar Support Pillow - 7 Best Pillows for Lower & Upper Back Pain

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Pillow for Lumbar Support - 7 Best Types for Back Pain Relief

The lumbar region of your back, which is your lower back, located between the top of your buttock and your lowest rib, needs support when you sit. A normal back curves in an “S” form, and the lower part of the S is the lumbar section. To maintain a healthy curve and prevent back discomfort and injury, people often use a pillow for lumbar support, especially when they sit for long periods.

Benefits of Good Lumbar Support

Everyone has back pain at some point in their lives, but chronic pain has a huge impact on pir bodies and ability to do the things we want to do. It means we're prevented from fully participating in life.

Chronic pain also usually means there's physical damage to the spine, so we need medical intervention. The biggest benefit of using a pillow for lumbar support is the prevention of back damage.

When you sit for a long time, your posture suffers. Poor posture, like slumping, causes damage, because discs bulge, and muscles and ligaments strain. A good lumbar support helps you maintain good posture and prevent injury.

If you already have medical problems with your spine, like spinal stenosis, lumbar support cushions or pillows can help with healing, and prevent further damage.

Can A Pillow Be Used for Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain?

If you need a pillow for back support and don't have a lumbar support cushion specifically designed for the purpose, you can temporarily use a small pillow instead. Living room furniture has throw pillows for a reason.

Not everyone has the same stature and shape, and pillows help people sit comfortably. A pillow can also be used in a car seat, office chair, or dining chair to support the lower back.

The problems with using regular pillows are their shape, material, and lack of straps. The shape might not fit the lower back well, and the material may either be too firm or too soft.

Keeping a regular pillow in place can be difficult, too. Whenever you move, the pillow drops down and you must adjust it.

How Thick Should Your Lumbar Pillow Be?

The thickness of a lumbar pillow depends somewhat on a person's stature and overall cushion size matters, too. Some doctors recommend a four-inch density at the widest point.

If you are a small person, some pillows might be too large for you at any depth. Larger people might want something slightly more than the standard four inches.

The key to maximum comfort in a pillow for lumbar support is how well a pillow fits an individual's back shape. Too thick and it becomes difficult to maintain good posture because the upper back is too far from the seat back.

7 Best Types of Lumbar Support for Back Pain

#1) LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow - has a streamlined design made of high-quality memory foam. This pillow for back support has a superior cover made from antibacterial, 3-D absorbent, breathable mesh.

LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow

Features & Pros:

• The ergonomic, streamline design provides spine stretch, decreased coccyx pressure and increased waist support.

• The removable, washable cover, which comes in five colors, is antimicrobial, breathable, and absorbent for maximum comfort.

• The support material is 100% high quality memory foam that supports without collapsing. It maintains its shape and stands up to repeated, prolonged use.

• The two straps with high-quality buckles, keep the pillow where you need it. It won't slip down.


• Because you strap it to your chair or car seat, it's not as easy as others to use in multiple locations.

• The foam in this pillow for lumbar support isn't as firm as some others, so if you are looking for a very firm pillow, this might not be the right one for you.

Lovehome Review:

“Working a desk job where I'm sitting 7+ hours a day, I started having really bad lower back pain. Tried foam roller, stretching, massages... nothing solved it. Ever since buying this, pain is gone. Came back and bought another for my boyfriend. I highly recommend it.”

[Editor's Pick]:       


Easy Posture (2 Pack) Dual Gel & Mesh Lumbar Back Support - designed with massage gel beads & air flow mesh technology for complete pressure relief and soothing comfort.pillow for lumbar support gel

 Designed with Dual Gel and Mesh Lumbar support ergonomically shaped for uncomfortable car seats (or chairs) giving you firm support and better posture.

  Made with massage gel beads for pressure relief and soothing back comfort.

  Its 3D breathable mesh and air flow design will allow your back to stay "sweat free".

  Perfect for car riders, bus or truck drivers, and even remote workers, office workers, or gamers who sit for long hours suffering from poor posture & lower back & neck pain.

  Includes an adjustable strap for a tighter fit around your car seat.

  Has 2 vertical straps constructed on the back to adjust for more or less arch support.

The Easy Posture Gel & Mesh Lumbar Support will fit both driver and passenger seat when using the adjustable strap. With the adjustable vertical straps, you now have full control on how much arch support your back needs for a comfortable drive.

#2) Dreamer Car Seat Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow will supports your entire back, upper and lower while you drive. The top of the cushion suspends from the headrest bars, and the bottom has elastic bands to secure it to most car or truck seats at the bottom.

Dreamer Car Seat Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow

Features & Pros:

• The larger size, 20.9 inches high x 5.9 inches deep at the bottom and 16.5 inches wide, supports both your upper and lower back.

• The lower side panels wrap around your waist to give support and keep your spine stretched as you drive.

• The removable, washable cover comes in three colors.

• The inner cushion is slow rebound foam with a breathable inner cover to keep you cooler.

• Place the cushion in the exact spot you need it by attaching it at the top behind the headrest and at the bottom with elastic straps. Adjust the top until the lumbar support fits your body.

• The elastic bottom straps fit most car or truck seats and also desk chairs.


• The lumbar section isn't as thick as some others and may not give you enough support.

• You might need to push your seat back a notch because the full back cushion puts you closer to the steering wheel.

Dreamer Review:

“I have bought three other lumbar support cushions on Amazon, and this one is hands-down the best for me. It is memory foam, but some memory foam is very hard and only softens up after it warms up. This one is soft, yet it still doesn't squish down to nothing when your weight is against it. Very comfortable and supports just right in the lowest part. Really happy with this one. A+”

#3) Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow - Was designed by ergonomics specialists to cushion the upper middle back, provide contoured support for the midback and a lumbar, lower back cushion. There's also a patented spine crevice in the pillow to prevent stress on the backbone, and the extra dense foam remains in shape.

Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow

Features & Pros:

• Patented multi-region system of support with upper, middle, and lower back support and a spine crevice to protect the spine.

• The entire cushion is machine washable.

• The material is extra dense and rebounding for substantial all-day support.

• The cushion has a hypoallergenic, breathable, elastic cover.

• The easy-to-use back strap attaches the pillow to any chair. You can easily move it from chair to chair or vehicle to vehicle.

• The elastic bottom straps fit most car or truck seats and also desk chairs.


• The extra firm, four-inch thick lumbar support might be too much for some people who prefer a softer pillow.

• You might need to air the product out when you first get it.

Easy Posture Review:

“Better than coworker's lumbar pillow

Working a desk job where I am sitting 8+ hours a day, I started developing lower back discomfort. I tried stretching, chiropractor, PT, name it, they only relieve my back pain temporarily but I would be back to having really back pain at the of the next day. Ever since I started using this, the pain is gone, and my back feels loose and fresh at the end of the day. I also tried my coworker's lumbar pillow, but it was way too soft and only covered the lower back.

This way goes up to the mid back and you really feel the difference, you feel overall back support rather than just a pillow pushing against your lower back. This is well made, firm, and feels quality, I am glad I picked this one and would definitely buy again.”

#4) Lumbar Support for Office Chair - This Qutool lumbar support for desk chairs is versatile. Install it one way to support the lower back and flip it to support the upper back.

Lumbar Support for Office Chair

The support pillow is larger than most and supports your entire back. It has two straps to keep it in place.

Features & Pros:

• The larger size, 16.14” x 17.32” x 5.11 inches at its deepest, supports your entire back.

• The two straps, top and bottom, keep the pillow in place. You can even crisscross the straps in back for extra security and there's an 11” extension for those who need it.

• The support pillow can be flipped to support your upper back. The same shape that has cradled and supported your lower back and waist can support your upper back and ribs.

• The removable, washable cover is hypoallergenic 3-D mesh for better air circulation.

• The cushion itself is 100% quality memory foam that's soft but not too soft.


• The 5.11-inch depth may be too much for some people. Most lumbar pillows are only 4 inches deep.

• The contoured shape for the waist or rib cage might not fit heavier people.

Qutool Review:

When I purchased this support, I was experiencing a ton of pain in the upper thoracic region of my back from spending so much time working at my desk. Despite buying a $300 desk chair, my back was in so much pain that was even keeping me awake at night....

I purchased this specifically to support my lower back to help alleviate some of the stress on my upper back, and I was so pleased when I first sat in my chair with this on... The packaging showed that you can flip the support around to support your upper back, and this is by far my favorite aspect. Whether my lower/upper back is causing me pain, this support takes it all away! Great product, 11/10 recommend if you sit at you work at a desk for several hours each day.

#5) Lumbar Support for Sleeping - with this PepStep lumbar support for sleeping supports your lower back when you sleep on your back or your waist when you sleep on your side. It keeps your spine aligned while you sleep to prevent strain on discs and muscles.

Lumbar Support for Sleeping

You can also place the support pillow under your knees while lying on your back to promote circulation to your legs and feet while you sleep. The support pillow is wider and flatter than most supports.

Features & Pros:

• The longer length, 23.5 inches and narrower width, 9.5 inches is ideal for providing back support while you sleep. The three-inch height is perfect for keeping your spine aligned.

• The lightweight inner material has zero pressure memory foam to promote circulation and cooling gel to keep you comfortable at night.

• The support pillow can be placed under your lower back when you sleep on your back, or under your waist when you sleep on your side. Your spine stays aligned so discs don't bulge.

• The removable, washable cover is hypoallergenic and made from Lyocell which is a sustainable fabric made from recycled material.

• In addition to providing back support, the PepStep works well under your knees while you sleep on your back, read or watch television.


• The size prevents you from using it as a lumbar support in a chair or vehicle.

• The three-inch depth might not be enough for some.

The PepStep Review:

“For anyone that suffers from severe or chronic back pain. Let me tell you, I got this pillow a few days ago. I'm a back and side sleeper, who tosses and turns all night from back pain. This pillow is amazing. It fills the space and gives the support the lumbar spine needs. If your on your back and the same if you sleep on your side. It keeps my spine in better alignment. I have finally slept good for the last 3 nights. I haven't slept through the night in years. I've had 2 lower back surgeries but still suffer. But, this has been amazing !”

#6) Lumbar Support Pillow for Recliner or Couch - has patented Wennebird design improves posture and supports the lower back and spine while you sit. The unique butterfly shape and built-in 3-D massage points give you a pillow with spine support.

Lumbar Support Pillow for Recliner

Using this back pillow not only supports your lumbar region, it trains you to sit straighter so when you don't have the pillow, your posture is improved.

The two-fabric design and fashion colors fit any décor. The cover can be removed for washing.

Features & Pros:

• The butterfly design wraps around your back to keep you upright.

• The 100% slow rebound memory foam holds up to long-term use.

• Inside the cushion, there are six 3-D massage balls, three on either side of your spine. These raised balls lift you to keep your spine from compressing.

• The removable, washable cover has a cool mesh on the back and a beautiful suede-like front fabric in beige, black, light blue, red, pink, or grey to match any décor.

• The size, 16.1 inches X 12.2 inches X 4.3 inches is ideal for living room chairs, office chairs, couches, and recliners but can also be used in the office or car.


• The cushion has no straps so it moves around and can fall over when you get up from a chair.

• The width and contoured shape may not work well for larger people.

The Wennebird Review:

“When I received the pillow, it looked so small and compressible that I didn't think it could tackle my thoracic and lumbar pain. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it held my back in much better alignment and allowed me to be in a number of different chairs and recliners and still maintain my alignment. I can use it in the car in the passenger seat and enjoy traveling more. Maintaining alignment has helped my back pain considerably. This pillow is my daily companion when reading or on the computer.”

#7) Lumbar Support Wedge Pillow - Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top (Great for Couch or Bed) - The Kolbs wedge pillow supports your entire back, neck, and head while you're in bed. The shape keeps your head up to prevent acid reflux, heartburn, and snoring.

Lumbar Support Wedge Pillow

If you turn the wedge and rest it on its end, you can sit comfortably in bed to read or watch TV. The memory foam is softer on the surface and firmer underneath for maximum comfort.

Features & Pros:

• The overall size is 24 inches X 24 inches with the front tapering to a thin edge and the back either 7.5 inches high or 12 inches high.

• The wedge shape can be used lying on its 24-inch side to let you sleep with your back, neck, and head supported and your head high enough to prevent acid reflux, heartburn, snoring, or breathing problems.

• The wedge can be used with the 7.5 or 12-inch side down to support you while you sit in bed to read or watch TV.

• The removable, washable cover has a beautiful jacquard pattern to look great in the bedroom.

• The top 1.5-inch layer of memory foam is softer so you sink in comfortably. The rest of the cushion is firmer to support your body.


• Although it's great for back sleepers, side sleepers may not be able to get comfortable.

• Your pillow will slide down when you move around or get out of bed.

The Bedwedge Review:

“I got the shorter style wedge pillow. The bottom edge comes to a nice point so there isn't a big lump there. Nice zip cover. No smell. Good size even for a larger adult in queen size bed. Foam wedge with layer of memory foam on top. Product arrives vacuumed packed but fully rises to expected size in about four hours. Foam is supportive but not hard. Use with a thinner pillow if preferred. I have fibromyalgia and GERD/acid reflux I would recommend trying a wedge pillow to anyone struggling with this issues. Great for watching tv in bed too.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use the Same Lumbar Pillow in a Desk Chair, Couch, and Car?

You can sometimes use the same pillow for lumbar support in living room, office, and vehicle, but not all supports work equally well in all places. You might prefer a cushion for back support without straps to use at home on the couch or recliner.

In your office, you might want something with straps so when you pop up and down, the pillow stays in one place. Some lumbar pillows support your entire back which might not be as comfortable in a home setting.

Is a Firmer Cushion Better for Your Back?

Cushions for back support come in different levels of firmness, and you may have to experiment to find what works best for you.

If you have back problems, a firmer material will help you maintain posture. If you just want to be able to sit at a desk chair or behind the wheel comfortably for long periods, a slightly softer foam might be more comfortable.

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