Best Ice Packs for Back - When to Use for Pain Relief

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best ice packs for back

Are you wondering whether using a cold pack for your back can relieve the pain in your back? Read on to find out how and the best ice packs for your back. An estimated 31 million people in America suffer from back pain. It is an overall experience for many adults, while teens also feel their back give out at some point in their teenage years.

Back pain can sometimes be in a specific area, or it can also spread out to your entire upper and lower back as well as the sides. Some also feel associated aches in their legs and hips relating to their prevalent back pain.

It is possible to relieve consistent back pain by changing your lifestyle, working out, losing weight, and reducing physical and mental stress. Other times, using thermotherapy is the only thing that can help. Using an ice pack for back pain is a great way of making life easier.

Is Ice Pack Good for Back Pain?

Of course, back pain can be a great nuisance to your daily life. But, conservative treatments like cold therapy with the help of an ice pack can prove quite effective. Not only is it an effective treatment for stubborn aches in the back, but it is also very affordable.

Acute back pains call for ice packs for the back. If your backache persists for a month or less, cold therapy can be a great way to get rid of it. But how is it possible for a cold pack for your back to relieve your pain? Well, low temperatures can constrict your blood vessels. This, in turn, reduces inflammation and swelling, offering relief from pain.

Often, sore muscles are responsible for back pain. If you are into sports or other activities that require intense use of your muscles, try using an ice pack for back pain. Use cold therapy on your muscles right after physical activity to avoid future backaches.

ice or heat better for back pain

How Often Should You Ice Your Back? The Dos and Don’ts

A cold pack for the back minimizes inflammation and swelling, reducing back pain. In case of injury, immediate application of cold therapy also prevents excessive tissue damage. So what is the correct way of using ice packs for the back?

If you use a cold pack for a back injury, begin cold therapy within 24 to 72 hours. Only use your back for 10 minutes with each passing hour for the first 72 hours of injury. In swelling and inflammation, start by icing the sore area three times a day and then gradually increasing.

Don’t apply cold therapy on your back for more than 20 minutes at a time. However, you can safely use an ice pack for back pain around ten times in 24 hours. Ice your back after vigorous exercise and prolonged physical activities.

You must always use a piece of cloth and keep it between the skin and your ice pack for back pain. This can lead to burning of the skin. However, you should still press the compress firmly against your back, especially the affected area. Make sure you’re not icing your back for long periods or sleeping with the ice pack on your skin.

Is Ice or Heat Better for Back Pain?

If you’re wondering whether cold therapy works better for back pain or heat, the answer can be both. You can also use a combination of cold and hot therapy to treat certain types of back pain.

You can prevent back pain through a hot pack before vigorous physical activity and then icing your back with an ice pack post-exercise.

Sometimes, it also depends on the cause of your discomfort and pain. For example, cold therapy is best for acute back injuries, sciatica flare-ups, and soreness, whereas heat packs work better for chronic pain.

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Best Types of Ice Packs for Back Pain

Many people turn towards homemade ice packs that drip water when they experience back pain. Some others even opt for frozen vegetable bags. While they may work to a certain degree, they are not as good as a specially designed cold pack for back pain. Here are 4 of our favorite ice packs to relieve your complaints of backache.

#1) Wrap-Around Ice Pack for Back - Relief Expert Extra Large Back Ice Pack (13”x21”)

relief expert extra large back ice pack

This Wrap-Around Ice Pack by relief expert is a great option if you’re looking for cold packs for back problems such as chronic aches or acute injuries. You can also use this cold treatment for sports injuries, arthritis, and muscle fatigue.


• Made with soft plushy fabric on one side for maximum comfort

• It is covered in nylon on the other side

• Does well in isolating condensation

• It also comes with straps and hoops for easy use and wrapping around

• Multipurpose ice pack

• Double-sealed edges to ensure no leakage

Good ice packs for the back are made with dual-fabric technology for maximum benefits. You can use the soft-fabric side first and then switch to the nylon one when the fabric is no longer cool. The design keeps the ice pack cool for longer. The high-quality, durable cold pack by Relief Expert is also pliable even in its frozen state.

#2) Large Ice Pack for Back FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack (Oversize: 13" x 21.5") - Ice Compress

large ice pack for back flexikold gel cold pack

flexicold gel cold pack large

The FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack by NatraCure is a very effective designed relieving backaches. You can use this cold pack for back injuries and pain.


• Reusable

• The huge size provides full back coverage

• Uses proprietary to keep the gel cold for longer

• It has a professional-grade gel interior

• Pliable design for better contact with affected areas

The FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack by NatraCure is a very effective designed relieving backaches. You can use this cold pack for back injuries and pain. The ice pack uses proprietary gel, unlike other ice packs in the market, containing bentonite solutions. This gel ensures that the pack remains cold for much longer than regular ice packs for the back.

The gel is also very flexible and pliable even after freezing, ensuring that the pack easily meets the affected area on your back. Recommended by physical therapists and healthcare professionals, the FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack is also durable and high-quality, which will surely last you for a long.

#3) Full Back Ice Pack - The Full Back Ice Pack by Magic Gel is the perfect size if you suffer from spread-out backaches. It is almost like an ice blanket covering your entire back, from the neck to the tailbone.

full back ice pack


• Reusable and refreeze-able gel pack

• It stays cold for 28 minutes

• It covers the back from the neck to the tailbone

• Pliable design for better contact with affected areas

• Multipurpose ice pack

• Hand-stitched edges that ensure no leakage

Healthcare professionals recommend this cold pack for back pain relief, back injury recovery, and post-surgery recovery.

This reusable gel pack promises to remain cold for 28 minutes after coming out of the freezer. This means that you will not have to refreeze it frequently for effective results. Furthermore, it also remains pliable to treat your back pain effectively. The multipurpose ice pad has hand-stitched edges to ensure durability and no leakages.

#4) Ice Pack for Lower Back Pain - Magic Gel Hot and Cold Ice Pack

back pain relief gel pack

The Back Pain Relief Gel Pack is one of the best ice packs for back pain that can also be used t treat pain in the belly, hips, and torso. It is rather a wrap-around version of an ice pack that easily huge you around your lower or upper body.


• Ice pack for back pain and lower back injuries

• Multipurpose and can be used on the torso, hips, and belly

• It does not burn the skin

• It remains pliable when frozen

• Does not tear or leak

• It can be used for heat therapy as well

It is specifically designed for lower back pain or injury to speed up recovery and pain relief effects. The reusable cold pack for back pain remains pliable even while frozen to ensure contact with affected areas. What else? You can also place it in hot water or microwave oven as heat therapy.


You can use cold therapy to relieve acute back pain and speed up recovery from back injuries and surgeries. Use an ice pack for back pain when the discomfort starts interfering with the daily activities of life. And don’t forget to refer to our favorite ice packs for the back while purchasing one for you.

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