Discover 20 Gifts for the Elderly - For Best Comfort & Support for Seniors

gifts for elderly seniors

Buying gifts for older people can be challenging. They often have everything they need and will buy what they want for themselves.

Your mother, grandmother, father, or uncle may say “don't buy me anything.” The truth is seniors think giving and getting gifts is important and they deserve to receive thoughtful gifts.

The trick is to think of something they may not think of buying for themselves that they will use to make daily life better. The list below will help you find something your elderly friend or relative will appreciate.

#1.) Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager with heat

Everyone enjoys a massage, and this massager is different because the shape drapes over your neck and shoulders and you put your hands into little slings in front of you to keep shoulders completely relaxed.

The weight of your arms resting in the cuffs, also helps the heat and vibrations penetrate sore muscles.

There are eight massaging nodes, four small, and four large, and the massage changes direction every minute for maximum pain relief.

You can use the massage with or without heat and adjust the temperature and massage intensity with the remote.

It's great for traveling, plug it in at home or use the car adaptor to use it while you travel.

#2.) CINCOM Foot and Leg Massager with Heat, Air Compression Leg Massager

cincom foot and leg massager

Many older people have poor circulation in their legs and feet which causes pain and can be dangerous. This product can help.

You wear this massager like boots, and the Velcro wraps make it easy to fit everyone. There are even extenders for larger calves. The wraps are washable.

Two miniature airbags inside the device inflate to help the massager fits snuggly around your feet and legs.

You get two levels of heat and three intensities of massage, and the unit automatically shuts down after 20 minutes to prevent overuse.

#3.) Chanasya and Healing Hugs Gift Throw Blanket Set

chanasya and healing hugs gift throw blanket set

Send your mother, grandmother, father or uncle this gift pack printed with inspirational, comforting words like love, hugs, peace, positive thoughts, strength, healing energy, harmony, hope, compassion, serenity, joy, fun, and bear hug.

The pack includes a soft, 50” x 65” blanket with sherpa on one side and printed velour on the other.

You also get, a neck pillow that's great for snoozing in a chair, some warm fuzzy socks, and an eye mask to make napping easier.

Everything is machine washable and comes in an attractive reusable tote bag.

#4.) Easy Spirit Women's Traveltime Mule

easy spirit womens traveltime mule

Women can quickly step right into and out of these shoes, so stepping outside for the mail is easier. No bending over to tie shoes.

They have leather and quilted textile tops in dozens of color combinations for a great look.

Combinations include everything from tie dye rainbow to gray and black plaid.

The durable rubber outsoles give the wearer grip and traction, which helps elderly people stay safe indoors and outdoors.

They're available in sizes from 5 to 11 including half sizes and some sizes can be ordered in a narrow, wide, or X-wide width.

#5.) Ontel Handy Heater Plug-In Personal Heater

ontel handy heater plug-in personal heater

You can help someone stay warm while saving on energy with this compact personal heater.

It quickly heats up to 249 square feet so a senior can heat just the room they are in and keep the rest of the house a bit cooler.

It's easy to use and has an easy-to-read digital display. You can choose your temperature and program the 12-hour timer to turn on and off.

The case is rubber and cool to the touch, so you can move it from room to room easily.

The compact size makes this great for seniors who travel or visit family regularly. They can heat their room to a comfortable temperature wherever they are.

#6.) SB SOX Compression Socks

sb sox compression socks

These compression socks help blood circulation to reduce swelling, leg pain and fatigue in older people.

They have a reinforced toe and heal, and a no slip upper calf cuff.

The material also wicks sweat away from the body to keep feet dry.

They are light weight, breathable, and comfortable enough to wear all day.

The socks come in four sizes and 19 different color combinations, so box up a few pair to give your older friend or relative.

#7.) VIBELITE Magnet 3 LED Magnetic Pickup Tool - Great Stocking Stuffer

vibelite magnet 3 led magnetic pickup tool

Everyone can use a good miniature flashlight for emergencies, and this one provides 360 degrees of light from 3 bright LED bulbs but does much more.

It has a flexible head that extends up to 22 inches so you can see around corners and into small spaces.

The best feature is its magnetic head that can pick up dropped screws, nuts, bolts, and nails.

By using the extender, a senior can avoid bending over or stooping to retrieve small metal objects.

The base is also magnetic, so you can keep it handy on the refrigerator.

#8.) Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

biscotti cookies gift basket

Consumable gifts are a great idea for people who have everything and, this beautiful array of 18 delicious biscotti cookies come in a nice gift box with ribbon.

These traditional biscotti cookies are first iced with either white or dark chocolate.

They are then decorated with toppings, including nut brittle, caramel, chocolate chips, craisins, sunflower seeds, white candy crunch, and drizzled chocolate.

This gift will be enjoyed and shared by any senior who receives it.

#9.) Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate

fitbit versa 2 health and fitness smartwatch

Active seniors can track their health with this Smartwatch. It measures heart rate, activity, calorie intake, and sleep quality.

The time is always displayed, and elderly people with poor eyesight will be able to see the time easily.

Besides the typical step-counting watch, you can also use this Smartwatch to pay for things, play music, navigate, and when it's paired with Alexa, get the latest news and weather and control smart home devices, too.

For swimmers, the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, and can track laps or time your swim.

Recipients can wear the watch 24/7 for up to six days on a charge.

#10.) Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

zyllion shiatsu back and neck massager

This back and neck massager is rechargeable and wireless, so you don't need to be near an outlet to use it.

It will provide comforting heat and powerful deep-kneading massage to relieve sore muscles for over two hours on a charge.

While it's designed for back and neck, you can use it anywhere on the body, so seniors can get pain relief on their legs, too.

The auto shut off feature turns the massager off after 20 minutes to prevent overuse, and there's an FDA-listed overheat protection to be even safer.

#11.) LongBay Women's Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers Comfy Cozy Arthritis

longbay women's furry memory foam diabetic slippers

Foot care and comfort become more important as we age so these slipper shoes make a great gift to any senior, especially those with diabetes or arthritis.

They have rubber, nonslip soles to keep the wearer from slipping and super soft bunny fur lining for maximum warmth. Anyone with chronically cold feet will love these.

The slipper shoes are so easy to put on, give your feet plenty of room, and the Velcro closure can cinch them up to fit perfectly.

While they're slippers, they can be worn outside, too. Stepping out to collect the mail or newspaper won't be a problem.

There are three colors, pink, light gray, and burgundy and they come in sizes 5 through 10 with no half sizes.

#12.) Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

heating pad for neck and shoulders

This isn't just a heating pad. It's weighted by 2 lbs. of stone seed and fits around your shoulders and neck to help relieve pain and tension.

The weight helps the heat penetrate muscles and joints for maximum relief.

It's easy for anyone to operate and has six temperature settings and a four-level timer to make it safe to use.

The pad fits most men and women and comes in either blue or gray.

The cover is made from super soft, quilted mink plush, which can be machine washed.

#13.) Skechers Women's Go Joy Walking Shoe Sneaker

skechers womens go joy walking shoe sneaker

Staying active helps seniors feel better, and these walking sneakers for women make that easier.

They are lightweight and flexible with a breathable mesh upper, rubber sole, and the famous Skechers Goga Max, high-rebound insole.

The sneakers are easy to slip on and off and provide support without a lot of weight.

Choose between 27 different colors including a fun, tie-dye rainbow design.

Available in size 5 to 11, including half sizes so they'll fit anyone.

#14.) Swiss"Just" 31 Herbal Oil - Large Bottle - 75ml

swiss just 31 herbal oil

This very popular, 31-herb, highly concentrated oil is made in Switzerland, and has several purposes.

It's a wonderful massage oil you can use to help muscles relax. It creates heat to provide deep relief from arthritis or muscle pain.

The aroma is very pleasant, and it works in a diffuser for aroma therapy.

You can also use a small amount in a bath by combining it with some milk, cream, or honey.

This is an Amazon top seller and has incredible reviews.

#15.) Granny Jo Products Women's Fleece Cape

granny jo products womens fleece cape

This luxurious mink fleece cape will be used all year, indoors and outdoors. If the air conditioning is too cold, or there's winter draft, this cape will keep you warm.

The cape comes in blush pink, toast, merlot, navy, Wedgewood, and charcoal gray, so it's easy to find a person's favorite color.

It comes in two sizes that will fit most people and has fun pockets on the inside to hold glasses or tissues or keep hands warm.

Unlike some capes, this one is machine washable and dryable.

#16.) Electric Heating pad for Back/Shoulder/Neck/Knee/Leg Pain Relief

electric heating pad

While most people have a heating pad, this one has some superior features like a larger size (12” x 24) and six different settings.

The control is easy to use, and the timer and automatic shutoff make it safe for elderly people to use.

You can wash the two-sided, super soft, skin friendly pad in the washing machine.

Choose between three pretty colors: gray, blue-gray, and peacock blue.

Everyone has aches and pains, especially as we get older, and this pad will sooth soreness with either dry or moist heat. By just spraying the surface lightly with water, you get moist heat.

#17.) Dr. Scholl's Women's Low Cut Soothing Spa Socks

dr. scholls women's low cut soothing spa socks

Our feet get more sensitive and vulnerable to injury as we age, especially for people with diabetes, so give these soft soothing socks as a gift.

These super soft, easy-to-put-on spa socks have a comfortable, low cut, no-bind top to allow good blood flow and seamless toes to prevent irritation.

You get two pair, blue and pink and they fit shoe sizes 4-10. There are friction spots added to the bottoms to keep people from slipping.

The socks are infused with lavender and vitamin E to give feet that spa treatment.

#18.) Electric Heated Foot Warmer

electric heated foot warmer

Do you know someone who always has cold feet? Many older people do because of poor circulation. This is the perfect solution.

The super plush foot warmer has three settings and a 10-foot cord so it can be used anywhere. It's large enough for two sets of feet.

While it's designed for warming feet to promote circulation and treat soreness, you can use it anywhere on the body.

Some people might drape it over knees and shins while they watch TV especially in homes with cold floors.

This is an especially good choice for the elderly who live where weather gets cold.

#19.) Comfier Heated Knee Brace Wrap with Massage

comfier heated knee brace wrap with massage

So many seniors suffer from knee pain, but they want to stay active. Help them do that with this heat treatment wrap for knees.

The brace wraps around the knee, is secured with Velcro, and soothes stiff joints and aching muscles with a choice of two heat levels.

The massage feature has five settings, so the vibration won't be too little or too much for anyone.

There's an auto-shutoff safety feature to keep your loved one safe. A very thoughtful gift they will enjoy using.

#20.) Comfier Heating Pad for Back Pain

comfier heating pad for back pain

The perfect choice for anyone with arthritis or muscle pain, this heating pad can be used on the back, abdomen, or legs.

The pad can be secured around the waist. It even has an extender for larger waists.

You get a comforting massage at a choice of three settings while the heat soothes and warms.

Your elderly recipient will find the control panel easy to use.

There are two heat levels and a safety overheat protection and auto shut off feature to prevent burns.

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