Does Posture Correctors Work? 11 Benefits of Wearing a Posture Corrector

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Does Posture Correctors Work? 11 Benefits of Wearing a Posture Corrector

Written by: Marijune Tiamzon RN, PMHNP

It took ages for humans to evolve in upright posture, but it is needless to say that due to countless hours in front of the computer screens, it looks like we as humans are evolving. 

Long hours of screen time cause your ligaments (a tough fibrous band that supports internal organs) and muscles to weaken with time, and this repetitive strain often leads to chronic musculoskeletal illnesses. 

However, the changes in the shape of the spine can also be due to poor nutrition and infectious diseases (those tiny viruses that attack your body and make you ill). 

Whatever the etiology may be, the good news is that it can be prevented if not completely treated.

If you choose to know the benefits of wearing a medical aid to get your spine fixed, then stick around because we have an exciting and painless method. We are here talking about ‘posture correctors’. 

How Can Posture Correctors Help Maintain Better Spinal Alignment & Support Of The Spine And Shoulders?

Posture correctors work by targeting various areas that are located in the thorax region. It works by aligning the following muscles of the following regions in your body:

1. Aligning the shoulders

2. Stabilizing the spine

3. Activating underused muscles

4. Providing Sensory feedback

The design of the posture corrector is such that it targets the spine and shoulder muscles, hence maintaining the natural curves by pulling them backward.

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Additionally, it activates underused muscles while enhancing kinesthesia, a feeling of self-improvement in which the body sends sensory feedback.

However, the posture corrector's role can be synergized for long-term effect once it is used with other conjunctive measures, such as exercises and ergonomic adjustments.

Keep reading this article to find out more about it.

How Does Good Posture Impacts Overall Health and Confidence?

In addition to physical benefits, good posture contributes to a confident appearance, boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. It can also improve mood, increase energy levels, and enhance body image and self-perception.

Mental and Emotional Benefits:

Upright postures with relaxed shoulders resonate a positive message that boosts self-esteem. Right posture makes you feel less lethargic, has a positive impact on mood, and therefore increases alertness and overall mental well-being.

For further clarity of posture corrector, let’s address some concerns;

Common questions: How long does it take for posture braces to relieve pain? Are there any side effects?

While there are many reasons to buy posture braces for supine posture, certain reservations need to be addressed if you are wearing it for too long or heavily relying on it, which can cause skin irritations, and long-term use can have detrimental effects on your bone structure.

back brace for posture

Therefore, its use ought to be limited to a certain amount of time in a day, and incorporating other therapeutic options like stretches and exercise needs to be taken into consideration.

Physical Health Benefits:

Good posture is important for alleviating muscle aches and reducing the risk of spinal deformity. For optimal functioning of your entire body, avoiding the compression of other soft tissue organs like the stomach and lungs is also mandatory. 

Not just this, balanced muscle development can only be promoted if it is getting adequate support.      

Enhanced Muscle Strength:

Your body is nested in the framework of a skeleton. Therefore, it is necessary that the main unit that bolsters your entire bodily system remains strong and strengthened throughout your life. 

The support it provides to muscles, along with essential ligaments and tendons, is needed to rejuvenate by cell turnover, but looking for external devices is not something new to people of older age. 

core strengthening for seniors

But even if you have compromised posture, wearing a corrector all the time is one of the commonly asked questions. 

 So, the answer is ‘no, no’. Prolonged use is also not advisable by physicians. It will not only cause skin irritation and blisters, but dependence on such physiotherapy devices can also lead to damaged tissue cells.

You must be wondering why there is too much emphasis on strengthening muscles when too many chronic issues need world attention. You must be surprised to hear that improved stability and balance, reduced risk of musculoskeletal issues, and enhanced athletic performance are interconnected. 

Improved Physical Outlook:

When your body is aligned, it enhances your overall physical appearance. Having your shoulders back and upright position generally leads to a positive feedback loop. 

 Therefore, posture plays a critical role in non-verbal communication; having your chest open gives you the feeling of assertiveness and power.

Physical Appearance: 

Good posture enhances your physical appearance by aligning your body to appear more confident and attractive. When you stand tall with your shoulders back and your head held high, you project an image of self-assurance and poise.

better posture at computer

Psychological Impact:

Maintaining an upright posture can psychologically affect your mood and mindset. Research has shown that adopting a confident posture, such as standing tall, can increase feelings of power, assertiveness, and self-esteem. On the other hand, slouching gives the feeling of low self-esteem. 

Body Language: 

Good posture gives you a sense of openness and confidence. Since, after your words, it is your body that converses with people. Therefore, the right posture facilitates a strong sense of social confidence.

Improved Breathing and Better Systems:

We have briefly discussed how bad posture affects soft tissue organs.

Let’s dive into understanding how maintaining the right posture can lead to a better respiratory system. Spinal alignment, diaphragmatic breathing, and improved lung capacity are all interrelated. 

respiratory system breathing

Let’s break it down further to have a better grasp of it:

Proper alignment, rib cage expanded, providing more lung space, The same is what happens with diaphragmatic breathing to put it simply, belly breathing, more surface area provides more oxygen to be exchanged. 

 Next up is improved lung capacity, which is enhanced with more space that it gets with the supine posture.

 It is also not just the lung capacity; you will be amazed to know that it has a positive effect on your circulatory system as well.

Common question: Can a posture corrector be used in sports or weightlifting? 

While talking of how better posture helps in long-term wellness, it is not advisable to use them during weightlifting as it can restrict movement for apparent reasons.

Moreover, they are also generally safe for children only if used with caution and a doctor’s advice.

Better Focus and Concentration:

Since all bodily systems are somewhat interconnected, is it ostensible to say that it does have a fair amount of benefits that help with mental clarity and focus?

As discussed earlier, proper interstitial space leads to better circulation. Our brain requires oxygen for optimum functioning, and O2 is the main food of the body in terms of enriching the cells with iron.  

An adequate supply of iron to the brain makes the human more focused and alert. 

What Exercises Are Better to Improve Posture?

You have read about all the benefits associated with posture correction. And how further lifestyle interventions can increase the effect twofold. So, let’s not waste any more time and discuss achieving synergism. 

Some of the exercises include Pilates. You must have heard about it before. Let's see how it can help raise the game of these medical aids.

This exercise focuses on increasing muscle control and engaging the core to attain better posture. 

25 Min Pilates Workout Video for Better Improved Posture 

Then, we have flexibility that can help improve posture. They usually tend to stretch the muscle-tendon, such as hamstrings, hip flexors, and chest and neck muscles.      

Remember, maintaining good posture throughout the day, incorporating regular movement breaks, and practicing proper ergonomics are also essential for improving and maintaining good posture.  

Now, good luck with your journey of posture correction.  

Infographic: Benefits of Wearing a Posture Corrector

Download a high quality PDF version of our infographic.

With nearly 9 years of experience in the medical field, Marijune holds a registered nurse license and a certificate as a mental health nurse practitioner. She is an adventurous young professional, and her hobbies include diving, windsurfing, and saber fencing. As an avid writer, she is most passionate about sharing acquired knowledge in the medical field and how to apply it to improve the quality of life of our readers. more
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