5 Best Office Chairs for 500 lbs Capacity - Big and Tall Office Chairs

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5 Best Office Chairs for 500 lbs Capacity - Big and Tall Office Chairs

Most office chairs are not built for the big and tall people of the world.

Maximum capacity is often 250 or 300 lbs. and the dimensions do not allow for people who are taller or wider than average.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 best office chairs for 500 lbs capacity (big or tall chairs), based on extensive research from actual customers.

If you are larger than average and have back trouble, finding a chair that supports your lower back properly is also important.

The ergonomics might be great for most, but not for all. Therefore, finding a comfortable chair that will last, if you are especially tall or weigh more than most people. can be difficult.

Before we begin shopping for a new office chair for big or tall people, we should consider these factors first:

A chair should fit your body. For example:

● Your feet should rest flat on the floor in front of you while your back is against the chair’s back.

● The chair’s lower back support should help you maintain great posture and keep your back in a natural S curve. Adjustable lumbar support can be an advantage because you might want to change support throughout the day.

● While sitting in the chair, your eyes should comfortably see the middle of the computer screen while your head is in a neutral position. You shouldn’t have to tilt your head up or down.

● The upper part of the chair back should support you at the middle of your shoulder blades. Most chairs don’t allow taller people to have that support.

● Arm rests should be close but not too close to the body for your shoulders to remain relaxed.

● The height of the arms should also be at a level that prevents shoulder strain. Adjustable arm heights can be a great advantage.

● The seat of the chair should be slightly shorter than your thighs. That might mean deeper seat dimensions if you need them.

You should be able to put two or three fingers between the end of the seat and the back of your knees. You want to be completely supported but able to easily stand up from the chair.

5 Best Office Chairs for 500 Lbs Capacity – Big and Tall Office Chairs

1.) BOSMILLER Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs for Heavy People

BOSMILLER Big and Tall Office Chair

Features & Pros:

● With the lumbar support adjuster knob next to the seat, you can change the support angle to fit your back. Adjust it during the day to prevent stiffness.

● This office chair comes with black leather cover and black metal frame including a sturdy multi-armed base, and soft, silent rubber wheels. The armrests are sturdy and well padded.

● The dimensions are 29.5" deep X 24.5 Inches wide and 50.5" tall to fit the tallest people. It weighs 56 pounds, making it a substantial chair.

● The back rocks from 90 degrees to 110 degrees. Rocking helps ease back pains and you can adjust the rocking pressure to meet your needs and preferences.

● The well-padded and comfortable seat can change height from 20.4 inches to 22.8 inches from the floor.

● Weight capacity is 500 pounds.


● This is a higher priced chair.

● It only comes in black, so matching décor isn’t possible.

What Buyers Loved 

● The chair is quick and easy to assemble.

● I am 6’.3" and the back on this chair is tall enough. The seat is also nice and wide.

● The chair is not only stylish and well-designed, but it's also incredibly comfortable.

● The quality of the materials used is evident in every aspect of the chair's construction.

What Buyers Wished for

● Would have liked the back to be more adjustable.

● Didn’t like the sound it made when rocked back.

Bosmiller Review:

"The assemble is pretty easy and took me little time to complete. Secondly, the wheels are sturdy, high quality wheels that can hold my weight. I am a big guy 6’3" and 250 lbs. The chair is big and tall enough for both my weight and height. The seat also has good cushion and very comfortable."

2.) POWERSTONE Big and Tall Office Chair - 500LBS High Back Executive Desk Chair

POWERSTONE Big and Tall Office Chair

Features & Pros:

● This chair’s dimensions are 28.5"Deep x 26"Wide x 48"High. The wheel base is 26" wide with 360-degree wheels so the chair is very steady and rolls easily.

● It weighs 46 pounds and has a 500 pound capacity.

● The faux leather comes in black or brown.

● The seat height can be adjusted easily with a simple lever and gas 4 cylinder assist to between 21 and 24 inches from the floor.

● The rocking back helps keep you comfortable, and the tension can be adjusted with a turn of a knob.

● The seat, armrests, and head cushion are thickly padded for maximum comfort.


● The seatback isn’t as tall as some, so very tall people may not feel it’s tall enough.

● If you want leather, this isn’t the chair for you. Although comfortable and durable, this is not real leather.

● If you don’t like black or brown., you are out of luck.

What Buyers Loved

● I was amazed at the packing of this chair. All the pieces are labeled, and it took probably 30 minutes to put together. They have a video in the description that makes it super easy to assemble.

● This chair looks more like an 800-dollar chair than what it cost. I think I may know some people who will buy this after they sit in this.

● These really do give you extra cushion. You almost feel as if you are walking on cushions at first.

● I've had zero back issues since using this chair.

● Really gives you plenty of room.

What Buyers Wished for

● One person thought the chair wasn’t roomy enough.

● Wished it cost less, but thought it worth the money when they received it.

Powerstone Review:

"I had been having back problems due to my previous office chair (being cheap, I purchased an inexpensive one) I am a bigger woman and needed a wider chair that was also deep bc my legs are long. I finally settled on this chair due to the wide and deep seat. It is super comfy and feels like a first class airline seat and the high back is def a bonus."

3.) Blue Whale Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs

Blue Whale Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs

Features & Pros:

● This is an all-metal and open mesh chair with a sturdy wheeled base and these dimensions: 21"Deep x 23"Wide x 39.17 "High.

Adjustable waist support. Move the back up or down to fit where you need it to support your back.

● Rocking back with adjustable tension. Tilts from upright 90 degrees back to 115 degrees. Adjustment is very easy.

● The ultra-thick (5 inches) seat is adjustable for height by 3.15 inches from 19.68 inches to 22.44 inches from the floor.

● Maximum weight recommendation is 450 pounds.

● The arm rests can be adjusted up and down to fit your body and make your arms the right height for what you are doing.


● Recommended maximum weight is only 450 pounds, not 500 like some other chairs.

● The back is not high and no head support.

● The arms are not padded.

What Buyers Loved

● The mesh back keeps me cool when my office gets hot in the afternoon.

● This chair was definitely easy to assemble. And I am comfortable.

● This chair has significant lumbar support & chair padding.

● The castors roll exceptionally well on an LVT floor.

What Buyers Wished for

● I wish the tilt back feature wasn’t so stiff. would have preferred more padding for my arms.

● I wish the chair went a bit lower. Otherwise great.

● The back of the chair only goes up to about mid shoulder, for all the head-resters out there.

Blue Whale Review:

"Comfortable and sturdy chair, perfect for heavy individuals. The 2D adjustable waist support is a game-changer! Impressed with the heavy-duty metal base."

4.) Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs, Heavy Duty


Features & Pros:

● Dimensions 30.71 deep X 30.71" wide x 41.73" tall. 500 lb capacity.

● The chair is made of sturdy metal, with a deep foam and black or brown leather cover.

● The seat pad is thick and comfortable. The 4.92-inch-thick seat has 25 individual spring pockets like an easy chair or mattress. It also has a front waterfall edge for more comfort on your legs.

● The rocking angle is up to 15 degrees and its adjustable.

● Seat height from the floor ranges from 20.47 inches to 24.4 inches from the floor. Easily adjusts up and down.

● The arm rests are adjustable up to 37.3 degrees and can be flipped up and out of the way. They can also be installed at the perfect width for you.

● Flexible lumbar support.


● The hydraulic piston does not lock into place, so the chair lifts off the base when you try to carry it.

● The cushion is not very dense. enough.

● The cushion thickness means you may need to lower the chair to sit.

● The chair tips slightly forward.

● The pivoting arm rests don’t lock in place.

What Buyers Loved

● "The cushion is enough that I don't fully compress it, so I don't feel the hard parts underneath.

● The rocking/lean back motion is glorious. Unlike most chairs with lean back, you won't fall over when you lean back...like there is absolutely no way possible.

● Arm rests are ACTUALLY functional. They raise/lower, go forward/back, go wider/narrower (when installing), and rotate in/out.

● Most chairs overstate their width, but this chair is actually 2 inches wider than advertised (if you install the armrests in widest position).

What Buyers Wished for

● I wish the tilt back feature wasn’t so stiff and tight.

● Only complaint is it sits too low on the highest setting.

● The arms are too far back and the seat too deep for shorter people.

● Didn’t like that the arms swiveled.

Colamy Review:

"This chair went together very well. The instructions were well written, no confusing grammar. The sequence made sense as well. However, what was most impressive was the solid state of the nuts, tool includes, and metal bases used in the construction. Even the cushion is very firm and thick. It is truly meant for long term use. I am tired of buying chairs that promise they are for plus size people just get them out of the box and realizing the only upgrade is a wider seat with thin cushions and maybe a better hydraulic lift. They thought this one out."

5.) BestMassage Big and Tall Office Chair 400lbs

BestMassage Big and Tall Office Chair

Features & Pros:

● Chair dimensions are 24.4 inches deep X 27.4 inches wide and 45 inches high from the floor.

● The chair offers adjustment of the chair height, the arm height and the lumbar support tension. Uses simple pneumatic controls.

● 15 degrees back lean with tension adjustment knob.

● Black fashion upholstery in nylon and mesh.

High density sponge seat for maximum comfort. The back is gently curved to fit you back comfortably.

● Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

● This chair qualifies for a return and refund or replace within 30 days.


● Not a comfortable chair for average height or short people.

● Obviously, it takes up more space than a "normal" size chair.

● Seat cushion breaks down over time and gets lumpy.

What Buyers Loved

● So comfortable. Cushion is thick.

● Easy to put together (but another person there is helpful).

● Heavy and good quality.

● Lots of room.

● This one is so wide that I actually have extra space between my thighs and the arm rest.

What Buyers Wished for

● Too far from the floor for people with shorter legs.

● The down side is it doesn't seem to lean back or I can't figure out how to lean it back.

● Needs more lumbar support.

Bestmassage Review:

"I am 5'7" and 230 lbs. and I have multiple hip issues. I needed a larger (wider and deeper) chair for the office. The chair cushion is approximately the size of 1 couch cushion. It is very thick and supportive. The back has an adjustable lumbar support that is perfect (not too thick or thin). I can sit crisscross, legs bent up, or any which way I choose to accommodate my hips. I easily put it together in less than an hour by myself. stable and sturdy chair, perfect for heavy individuals."

Bonus Pick) Steelcase Office Chair, Black

Steelcase Office Chair

Features & Pros:

● This chair comes in lots of colors, rouge, barley, black, blue, meadow green, and gray.

● The dimensions are 24.75 inches deep x 31.75 inches wide and 42.5 inches high.

● Made from alloy steel frame and textile cover.

● 500 lb. weight capacity.

● No assembly required.

● Products with trusted sustainability certification

● Adjustable seat height and depth. Height runs from 15 .5 inches to 20.5 inches from the ground. Seat can be between 15.75 and 18.75 inches deep. Great if you have shorter legs.

● Adjustable lumbar support

● Adjustable rocker feature

● Adjustable arm height and angle


● This is an expensive chair,

What Buyers Loved

● I am a bigger guy and the chair is great, very comfortable,

● extremely easy to adjust

● No assembly required, just take it out of the box.

● Its comfy, and EXTREMELY STURDY.

What Buyers Wished for

● A little bit more ergonomic would be nice.

● Wished they didn’t use Federal Express for shipping. Otherwise, fantastic.

Steelcase Review:

"My job bought me this chair after someone saw me struggling and fidgeting in my small chair in my office. I got this chair and I've had for almost a year and it's AMAZING!! Before I would complain about back pain when I got home and I had to stand up frequently because my old chair was painful. But this chair makes work fly by! I have no back pain, my butt doesn't go numb and I'm just happy 😁."

So, if you are taller than average or need a bigger chair for weight capacity, you may need to spend a bit more to be comfortable, but there are chairs available for you.

If you are heavy but not tall, pay attention to seat height and depth so your legs reach the floor and you can sit back comfortably.

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