7 Best Neck Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain (What Buyers Loved)

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7 Best Heating Neck Pads for Neck Pain Relief (What Buyers Loved!)

Neck pain can result from stress, physical injury, or muscle strain due to poor posture or sleeping in an awkward position. Applying heat with a heating neck pad helps with most pain because the warmth soothes and relaxes sore or tight muscles and increases blood flow for healing.

No matter what causes the neck pain, the discomfort causes neck muscles to tense and become sore. Some of the best heating neck pads have extra features like moisture, massage, or aromatherapy.

7 Best Heating Neck Pads for Neck Pain Relief

#1) Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

Available on Amazon

Works on more than just your neck. The design allows you to apply heat and massage to your back, neck, and shoulders all at once. The three-speed, auto reversing massage feature gives you an excellent deep tissue massage along with the soothing heat. It's great for use on legs and feet and you can use it in the car, too.

Features & Pros:

• The four large and four small massage balls mimic a personal deep tissue massage.

• The dual direction massage pattern with its auto reverse system ensures all your muscles get massaged equally.

• This heated neck pad also works on your back and shoulders and can even be used on your feet and legs.

• The car adaptor allows you to use the back and neck massager while you drive.


• Because you must plug in to a household outlet or car outlet, you can't move around with this product. It's not portable in that regard.

• The vibration does make some noise so you might not be able to hear on the phone while it's working.

What Buyers Loved

• Best portable massager!

• Released my neck tension and cramps after 10 min!

• Provides tension-releasing massage and heat.

What Buyers Wished for

• Wish the straps were longer.

• It's a bit bulky.

Shiatsu Review:

"Omg this thing is amazing I have fibromyalgia and constantly in pain I can put this anywhere on my body where I'm in pain and I don't have to bother my family to rub me where I hurt and they love using it too it helps so much"

#2) TheraPAQ Non-Scented Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

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Can be used cold or hot by putting it in the freezer or the microwave. Because it's not electric, you can move around with it on. The weight can be comforting and helps the heat or cold penetrate. Clay beads absorb and radiate the heat or cold and have no unpleasant smell.

Features & Pros:

• The weighted pad can be comforting and help the heat or cold get to your sore joints and muscles.

• Microwave the pad for about 30 minutes of heat therapy. When you leave it in the freezer for an hour or so, you get a cold compress.

• The shape fits your neck and shoulders but can work on other body areas, too.

• Microwave pads often have an unpleasant smell but with this one the clay beads have no unpleasant odor.

• You can easily move around while using the neck heating pad.


• Over time, there's less heat so you need to put it in the microwave again if you want the maximum amount of heat.

• To use it as a cold compress, you must leave it in the freezer for an hour or more and then it doesn't stay cold very long.

What Buyers Loved

• Stays warm up to an hour.

• Love that it's unscented!

• Mom loves it! The soft material and weight are perfect!

• Great for aches and pains…and warming up on cooler days.

What Buyers Wished for

• A bit too heavy around my neck.

• Wish it covered more of my neck.

TheraPAQ Review:

"I hesitated to buy this wrap, based off prior experience with similar pillows and the smell that they have. I was PLEASANTLY surprised that this did not have the typical neck pillow odor that just lingers with you all day- this pillow is odorless and doesn't leave you stinky for hours after use. It heats up evenly, and I do enjoy the extra weight of the product. (I can see how if you are sensitive to pressure that this could make the tension worse, but for me the extra weight helps relieve my headaches"

#3) SunnyBay Microwavable Neck Heating Pad - Moist Heat Wrap for Pain Relief

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It has a soft durable pill-free cover. It conforms to your body for maximum hot or cold benefit. You can microwave or put it in the freezer for heat or cold therapy. This is a bean bag type neck heat pad that uses wheat berries evenly distributed throughout. With heat, you also get moisture that penetrates your sore muscles. It's not bulky like other pads and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Features & Pros:

• The neck heating pad also works for shoulders, back, arms, feet, or legs.

• The heat also activates moisture which feels great. Microwave for a minute or so.

• Leave it in the freezer for a quick cool pack when you need it.

• The soft, non-pill material wraps around and conforms to you neck for comfort.

• The shape isn't bulky or uncomfortable.


• To heat it, you must microwave for a minute, flip it over and microwave again for 30 seconds.

• There's no way to secure the pad in place so you have to use your hands to hold it where you want it.

What Buyers Loved

• Great relief from neck pain flare-ups.

• Love the weight of the wrap! Falls nicely on my shoulders!

• Love the dual purpose warm and cold option.

• So comforting for my herniated discs in my neck.

What Buyers Wished for

• Wish it had a removable washable cover.

• Wish it had a closure in the front.

Review SunnyBay:

"I frequently have neck and upper back pain, especially as a pathologist where I am hunched over a microscope for many hours each day. This product retains heat very well after being microwaved, easily relieving tension in my muscles. I love throwing it around my neck as I relax at home in the evenings. My partner, who suffers from a chronic neck injury, finds relief from his flare-ups as well. We often have to negotiate who gets to use it first! The material is soft and durable, helping to stabilize my neck. The wrap also stays in place without needing to be readjusted, allowing me to fully relax and enjoy the warmth. While some people may agree, I did not mind the smell after it was heated the first few times – it smelled like baking bread. I'd recommend this product for anyone needing relief from acute or chronic causes of neck pain."

#4) GENIANI Extra Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

Available on Amazon

Is larger than most neck heat pads. The full 12" x 24" pad has three settings and both dry and moist heat you can apply to you neck, back, and shoulders or use for cramp relief. The cover comes in aqua or black, is plush and comfortable and you can machine wash it. For safety, the pad has an auto shut off.

Features & Pros:

• The larger size, 1 foot x 2 feet means you cover larger muscle groups like your entire back or neck and shoulders.

• The washable cover is very plush, soft, and comfortable.

• You can get either dry or moist heat and choose between three settings, low, medium, or high.

• The auto shut off makes this pad safe to use while falling asleep.


• This is electric so your movements are limited.

• Some people find the control panel difficult to understand.

What Buyers Loved

• Soft & comfortable…love that it reaches from my neck to my lower back

• Gives me relief in my back and neck.

• Long enough to fully wrap around my neck!

• Super soft You can easily use it on bare skin with no risk of burns.

What Buyers Wished for

• Auto shuts off fairly quick.

• I wish it got a bit hotter.

Geniani Review:

"This is one of the best heating pads I have ever owned...It heats up quickly, maintains comfortable temperature and shuts itself off. I purchased this one after buying another of the same brand in XXL for my husband ... He shared, but always wanted it back, so I purchased another for myself....It's not a hot plastic pad covered in fabric like my previous unit, but a soft warm nice size heating pad...the entire pad heats up... It really works to relieve the aches and pains in my lower back. I have recommended this unit to friends."

#5)iReliev Weighted Heating Pad

ireliev weighted heating pad

iReliev Weighted Heating Pad has a super soft microfiber cover. By detaching the heating control and cord, you can wash it in the washing machine and dry it in a dryer. The extra-large size fits back and shoulders or legs, abdomen, or lower back. By spraying the cover lightly with water, you can use this neck heating pad for moist heat. The iRelieve is also nicely weighted to stay in place.

Features & Pros:

• The soft microfiber cover feels great against your skin and the 3 pounds of weight helps the heat penetrate.

• The cord detaches which means you can move around for short periods until the pad cools. You can also wash and dry the heating pad in a washer and dryer.

• You get three heat settings and by spraying the cover lightly with water, the heating pad can deliver moist heat to sore muscles.

• The iReliev comes with a convenient drawstring carry or storage bag which makes it great for travel.

• The larger size, 12" x 24", makes it great for treating larger areas at once.


• The two-hour shut off feature means you must be careful about using it in bed. Falling asleep with it on, especially when on the highest setting could cause burns.

• The fact that it's electric means you can't move around while it's plugged in.

What Buyers Loved

• It heats up fast and doesn't shut off until you've used it for two full hours.

• I love that the whole thing can be washed and dried by machine. ( without the cord and control)

What Buyers Wished for

• A few people thought it could have gotten a little hotter.

iReliev Review:

"Hands down the best heating pad I have ever purchased. The iReliev heating pad stays in place and gets plenty warm. I opted for just a weighted heating pad instead of a weighted massaging heating pad so I could lay on it as well as laying it on affected areas. I made the perfect choice. Love It"

#6) Homedics Gel Weighted Gel Neck Wrap

homedics weighted neck wrap

The Homedics can be used for hot or cold and by spraying with water, you can use it for moist heat. The Temtech gel maintains heat or cold for thirty minutes after unplugging it or taking it from the freezer. The ergonomic controller is easy to use and understand. The shape fits your neck, shoulders, and upper back but can be used on knees or feet, too. The magnetic closure and 4.5 pounds of weight keep the pad in place.

Features & Pros:

• The shape and magnetic closure make this great for treating sore necks and shoulders.

• The cord is a full 12 feet long so you can sit anywhere in a room and if you detach the cord, the heat stays for 30 minutes, so you can move around with the wrap on.

• The handheld, ergonomic LCD controller has six settings instead of the usual three and is easy to use.

• You can wash the cover by hand and spray it before plugging it in to get moist heat.

• Put the wrap in the freezer for an hour to use it for cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation.


• You can't put this one in the washing machine. Clean only by hand.

• Even with six settings, the hottest isn't hot enough for some people.

• The shape makes it a little less versatile.

What Buyers Loved

• The extra-long cord means I don't have to use an extension cord to sit at my desk or in my easy chair.

• The controller is so easy to use. The LCD display makes it easy to know what setting you're on.

What Buyers Wished for

• Wish it would heat up faster and get hotter.

• Think that one size doesn't fit everyone. It's too big for petite people to use comfortably.

Homedics Review:

"Wonderful wrap
What a fun and cool (warm) invention. The weighted wrap fits perfectly on my shoulders and has a nice calming effect after a day of weightlifting and working. I am so looking forward to using this in the winter after coming in from a frozen New York walk."

#7) Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Available on Amazon

Sunbeam Heating Pad has a unique shape that includes a high collar to warm the back of the head and relieve tension headaches. The shape contours to your neck and shoulders and covers your upper back nicely. The magnetic clasp helps keep the pad in place. The controller has four heat settings and a moist heat choice. The super soft micro mink fabric cover can be removed for machine washing.

Features & Pros:

• The pad measures 22inches by 19 inches and has a unique shape made to fit snuggly around your neck.

• The removable, washable cover is super soft, made from a micro mink fabric.

• The shape includes a high neck collar that covers much of the head, so this works well to relieve tension headaches.

• The controller has four heat levels, and you can add moist heat to any of them.

• The cape part of the shape soothes sore shoulders and upper back.


• The heating pad is large and heavy which can become uncomfortable.

• The cord does not detach and isn't that long so you must be close to an outlet or add an extension cord.

What Buyers Loved

• It gets hot but not too hot.

• They Love that there are small weights inside the section that goes around the neck area to keep it in place.

• It has several settings to get the temperature just right.

What Buyers Wished for

• Wish it was longer in the back.

• Wish it could fit around my shoulders tighter

Sunbeam Review:

"I suffer tension headaches often. I've used rice/bean filled neck wraps that you heat in a microwave and tried wrapping flat heating pads around my neck. The rice wraps are easy to overheat and they don't cover much while flat heating pads don't contour enough. This neck & shoulder heating pad truly contours from the base of your skull to cover your shoulders, easing every muscle associated with tension headaches. No more heavy rice wraps that I have to keep putting in a microwave and burn my skin! And the cover of this contoured neck wrap is so plush!! I let my family try it & had to order more for them! It's totally worth it if you have any type of muscle/shoulder/headache problems!"

Is a Heating Pad Good for Neck Pain?

Heat from a heating pad can warm your neck and manage pain. By applying heat, you sooth sore muscles that have continued to tense because of discomfort. Heat also causes blood vessels in the area to dilate which helps with healing.

Is a Heating Pad Good for a Stiff Neck?

Neck heating pads can loosen stiff joints and ease sore muscles associated with a stiff neck. Stiff necks are most commonly caused by muscle strain and treating the sore strained muscles will also help alleviate the stiffness. When spine disorders are involved, a combination of heat and cold might work better than heat alone.

How to Choose the Right Heating Neck Pad?

To decide between heating pads for your neck, you need to determine if you want it to allow movement. The microwave type makes that easier.

If you don't have a microwave available where you want to use the neck heating pad, an electric one might work better.

If you plan to use the pad often, pick one with a machine washable cover. You might also consider how else you might use the pad. If you also think you might use it for period relief, for example, a flat pad rather than a shaped one might be best.

How Long to Heat Your Heat Neck Wrap in the Microwave?

Start by following any manufacturers recommendations for how long to heat your wrap or pad. Keep in mind that different power levels make a difference.

It might also make sense to try thirty seconds at a time until you get a heat you are comfortable with. Place the wrap or pad around your neck for a few seconds and see how it feels. Add more time until the temperature feels good. Sometimes, the longer you have the neck wrap, the more microwave time it needs to heat up.

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