5 Best Sandals for Sciatica Nerve Pain

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5 Best Sandals for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Many people suffer from sciatica nerve back pain and look for ways to prevent or reduce it.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend wearing supportive footwear to help sciatica patients maintain good posture during daily routines and exercise.

Although people naturally look to athletic shoes for such support, there are also sandals and other open shoes on the market that can help the wearer's posture.  During hot weather you might not want to wear closed shoes.

Sciatica is caused by a herniated or protruding disc in the spinal cord, which presses on a nerve.

For many, sciatica pain runs from that sciatic nerve through the lower back and often down the leg. The pain and numbness may increase with exercise and is worse with bad posture.

The right footwear can help prevent poor posture and overworked muscles which can also worsen sciatica symptoms.

During the summer months, to keep feet cooler, people want open shoes or sandals. Here are some of the best sandals for sciatica sufferers.

Sandals for Sciatica Nerve Pain - 5 Best on the Market

#1. Best Flip Flops for Sciatica - OOFOS OOlala Sandal

OOLALA Flip-Flop

Features & Pros:

● The OOfoam technology is designed to absorb the impact of walking. It absorbs 37% more than other foam shoes.

● The closed foam material is completely washable. Sponge or rinse the shoes off or put them in the washing machine.

● The footbed's patented shape cradles the foot, supports the arches and puts less stress on ankles as you walk.

● These sandals are backed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, receiving its Seal of Acceptance.

● The OOfoam shape decreases leg fatigue and prevents knee and back strain.

● The website provides excellent guidance on how to measure your feet and order the best size.


● These don't come in half sizes so follow the website instructions carefully for size.

● The shiny finish wears off fairly quickly according to some reviews.

● The sandals are thong type and the toe thong is hard, so if you are not used to wearing this type, you may have to build up some callas to be comfortable.

● If you don't like black, you are out of luck.

What Buyers Loved

● "These really do give you extra cushion. You almost feel as if you are walking on cushions at first."

● "I suffer from plantar fasciitis and I find it easier to walk with these sandals."

● "They really do support bad knees."

● "They also comfortable while walking and put less stress on my back."

What Buyers Wished for

● "They're cute, but too squishy for me. I feel like I'm walking on squishy marshmallows and it makes me feel wobbly."

● "when my feet got wet from rain, they slipped around inside the sandal."

● "The sizing is larger and wider than what I am used to; my foot is very narrow and these were too wide for my feet."

OOLALA Flip-Flop Review:

"The cushioning on these is great and the design takes the stress off my arthritic joints:)
I measure between 8-9M and found the 9 fit my arch better.

I have medium arches and these add ample support without being too hard (which some other brands are).

As a life-long flip-flop wearer whose feet need more support now, these are a life-saver."

#2. Best Women's Sandals for Walking Long Distances - Crocs Women's Literide 360 Sandals

Crocs Womens Literide 360 Sandals

Features & Pros:

● Available in black, light gray, and almost white.

● Crock literide comfort provided by super soft, lightweight but resilient foam

● Thermoplastic rubber soles are pressure and heat "mapped" so they're breathable but supportive.

● The flexible Matlite straps feel soft and broken in when new.

● The strap style, with cool mesh, keeps feet supported but comfortable for long walks.

● True to size fit. Order your usual shoe size.

● Designed specifically for women, sizes 4-11.


● There are no half sizes and limited colors.

● You can't get these in bright white. The white is a little yellow looking.

● If you have thin feet and must tighten the Velcro all the way, the strap sticks out.

What Buyers Loved

● "I have wide feet and these size 9's were perfect."

● "I chose to wear these the last two days during my Disney trip and I have NEVER worn them. I had NO blistering at all"

● "I like that they have nonslip bumps on the part where your foot touches."

 What Buyers Wished for

● "My only problem was they are a little slippery inside where wet so I got a small friction blister from sliding around in them. But the comfort was unmatched and 100% worth it."

● "Slightly small, but not enough to go up a whole size. Would like if they had half size."

Croc's Sandal Review:

"These are the most comfortable sandals I've ever owned. I have wide feet and these size 9's were perfect.

I was looking for sandals with a ankle strap for walking around at Disney World. I love my Croc's so thought I'd try these. BEST IDEA EVER.

They are very comfortable, like a squishy cloud. Feel great on my poor old feet. I highly recommend. I'm seriously thinking about getting another pair"

#3. Comfortable Walking Sandals - Skechers Arch Fit Sandals

Skechers Arch Fit Sandals

Features & Pros:

● Patented Skechers arch support insole system, podiatrist certified to provide maximum support and reduce sciatica pain.

● Contoured footbed and rubber, textured soles for maximum foot support and comfort plus excellent traction for hiking.

● These are completely machine washable.

● Slip on styling with their famous sock feel.

● Breathable upper mesh to keep feet cooler during hot weather and exercise.

● Several fashion colors including black, navy, mocha, slate, and blush.


● The shoes need a short break in period due to stiffness when you first put them on.

● The wide width, while comfortable for most people, can be a problem to people with very narrow feet.

● The softer, mesh uppers don't give as much support as solid athletic shoes so you might twist an ankle on rough terrain.

● The slip in feature makes them a looser fit.

What Buyers Loved

● "I love these shoes, as they are so comfortable, easy to put on, helps with my back too!"

● "They are extremely comfortable the arch fit is great too plus they look nice on the foot. I recommend these highly."

● "They fit exactly right and are lightweight, have great support and are super cushiony (is that a word?)."

● "Straightens out your ankles, so my pain is gone first time in 3 years give them a try!"

What Buyers Wished for

● "I did need to break them in first - I would not suggest trying to wear them all day right away. It took just a few walks around the neighborhood to break them in though!"

● "The navy color was disappointing. The blue is lighter than navy."

● "These are quite wide! Had to send them back. I have narrow to average feet."

Sketchers Arch Support Review:

"I loved that as soon as I received them I could immediately go on a long hiking trek for hours and return without any pain or discomfort!

My toes were free from any pain or swelling and my entire foot was well supported so there was no fatique at all!!!

I'm getting several more pairs! I'll never walk with covered uncomfortable tennis shoes ever again!! They increase one's sense of balance because my feet are so well supported."

#4. Comfortable Men Sandals - Oofos for Men

Comfortable Men Sandals

Features & Pros:

● These are specifically designed for men and come in a variety of colors including black, matte black, camo, nomad, mauve, navy, navy and white, and slate gray.

● Men's sizes 3 to 14, so most people can find a pair to fit.

● Patented Footbed – Excellent for post exercise recovery.

● The OOfoam technology is designed to absorb the impact of walking. It absorbs 37% more than other foam shoes.

● The closed foam materials is completely washable. Sponge or rinse off or put them in the washing machine.

● The footbed's patented shape cradles the foot, supports the arches and puts less stress on ankles as you walk.

● These sandals are backed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, receiving its Seal of Acceptance.

● The OOfoam shape decreases leg fatigue and prevents knee and back strain.


● The slides seem to run very large. Many buyers recommend buying a size smaller than usual.

● The shiny surface wears off quickly.

● Some people find their feet sweat in the rubber material especially in hotter climates.

● The sandals are a little noisy. They slap and squeak more than other shoe types.

What Buyers Loved

● "I have PAINFUL plantar fasciitis. I am supposed to wear my shoes and arch supports at all times, but in the house, I wear my oofos. They make the feet calm down and I feel relaxed."

● "My feet always hurt from nerve pain and numbness and swelling. And these Slip On shoes help so much with the pain"

● " Hubby wears steel-toe boots for 10-hour workdays. The minute he gets in his car, he removes the boots, and puts on his Oofoos, and his tired feet are instantly relieved and energized."

 What Buyers Wished for

● "These run HUGE! I bought my usual size 10 and returns them for a 9 which was still too big and wound up with an 8!"

● "Kind of squeaky at times. However, very comfortable."

● " My feet sweat. They don't with any other shoes or sandals I own but none of them have this type of rubber material either. "

Oofos for Men Review:

"I have injured my left ankle with a ruptured ligament which the Veteran's Hospital failed to properly diagnose and a fallen arche as a result.

These shoes are the most comfortable that I can wear without my arch supports. I live in Florida and you don't really want to wear shoes very much because it's so hot here.

These shoes are expensive because I have to replace them about every three or four months. I wear them out in no time.

They are soft rubber, with a much better then average arch support in them which is, what make them a winner for me.

The soft rubber is what makes them so comfortable to wear but at the same time causes them to wear out quickly. I will keep buying them for as long as I can afford them or I find a cheaper brand.

It will be a sad day when I can no longer get these. Truly, the best shoe I have ever worn."

#5. Clouds Slides (for Women & Men)

Features & Pros:

● These massage and shower platform shoes are designed to wear inside or outside.

● The thick soles (1.6") and open toe makes them super soft and comfortable.

● The quick-dry feature makes them great for the shower or pool.

● Men's sizes from 5-14.5 and women's 5.5-16.

● Lots of fun colors including black, white, tan, navy, pink, avocado, orange, white, olive and milk tea.

● The slippers are slightly recessed and the angle of 15 degrees toe to tail make them ergonomically more comfortable to wear.

● The interior cloud slippers have a raised, diamond design, making them anti-slip even when wet.

● Lightweight and easy to clean.


● The sizes are combinations of two sizes so the fit is large.

● These are slippers made for casual wear comfort and not ideal for long walks.

● Wearing them without socks for long periods sometimes causes blisters.

● Don't have as much arch support as other shoes.

What Buyers Loved

● "They are good for wide feet. I have wide/chunky feet lol and they fit comfortably unlike other slides I've tried in the past.

● "True to size for me and they are so comfy and squishy. Tension relief that I have accomplished. It seems to help me correct my posture during the day"

● "I'm shocked to share that these quite literally do feel like walking on clouds."

● "I really like these slippers. They are firm enough to give me that floaty feeling while walking through my house."

● "As far as comfort, they are amazing……dense rubber, yet cushy…"

What Buyers Wished for

● "The quality of the material isn't the best, but that's honestly to be expected."

● "If I had one gripe it's that the grip on the inside makes it kind of hard to slip on and off."

● "If I walk in them a lot I get shocked when I touch most things."

Rosyclo Cloud Slippers Review:

"I originally purchased two sets of these for my daughter. At first, I would always see her walking around the house with them. Then she started wearing them when we went out of the house. I finally asked her if she liked them. She said she loves them.

She thinks they are so soft and loves the pink and purple colors I chose for her. She kept talking about how soft they were.

They were reasonably priced, so I bought a pair fir myself. I wear a US 11.5. The comments section were saying to go a bit bigger in size. When I received them two days later, they were a lot softer than expected, and the fit was perfect. It feels like walking on firm marshmallows.

It's the only way way I can describe them. I plan on buying pairs for family during Christmas.

I believe it's going to be one of those inexpensive gifts that turn out to be a favorite. I only wear them at home because I could only get them a light beige color. I use them in the house, outside the house while watering plants and doing household chores.

On my time off, they are the first thing I put on when waking up and last thing I take off before going to bed. When I have to wear regular shoes, I can't wait to put these on. I look forward to their softness comfort."

Can the Wrong Sandals Aggravate Sciatica Pain?

If sandals prevent you from maintaining good back posture as you walk, they can aggravate sciatica.

They should have adequate arch support and allow you to walk at a good ergonomic angle. 

Sandals that make you slip and slide around, also can be detrimental. When you slip and slide and put strain on your core muscles, your backbone is also affected.

Problem discs may bulge and press on the sciatic nerve, causing you pain.

How to Choose the Best Sandal for Sciatica & Back Pain

Choosing good sandals for helping with sciatica and other back pain starts with a good fit. If sandals are too loose, you work harder to keep them on your feet.

Working harder means putting extra stress on your body. If sandals are too narrow, they cause blisters and prevent you from walking easily with good posture.

The next key is arch support. Flat shoes cause poor posture and back strain.

Arch support is important for sciatica suffers because shoes with inadequate arch support impact the lower back when you step.

Choosing the best arch support for your individually shaped feet is also important.

Every foot is different so if arch supports are too high, that can be a problem, too.  The angle of a sandal's sole can also make a difference.

Some experts recommend that the heal be lower than the toe for the best ergonomic angle. If you normally wear higher heals, these might take some getting used to.

With over 9 years of experience in the medical field, Marijune holds a registered nurse license and a certificate as a mental health nurse practitioner. She is an adventurous young professional, and her hobbies include diving, windsurfing, and saber fencing. As an avid writer, she is most passionate about sharing acquired knowledge in the medical field and how to apply it to improve the quality of life of our readers. more
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