"Herniated degenerative disk relief!
This seat cushion is a must purchase if you have any back issues.  I supplemented this cushion with a lumbar support for added relief. I can sit as long as need now where as before I could only sit for maybe 1hr."   


 "I bought this for my dad...."  I bought this for my dad who was suffering persistent back pain. Although his pain is not gone, he complains less, and that makes it worth every dollar.                                                                  


"Her husband loves back and knee ice back wraps!"


"Great low back, shoulder and neck support!"

The Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh is a great tool for maintaining proper posture throughout an 8 hour workday. The mesh cushioning helps maintain posture, and reminds me to roll my shoulders down my back to prevent aches and pains in my shoulders, neck and low back.