Is Walking Good Exercise? 15 Reasons Why It's Good for You

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why walking is a good exercise

Walking is the one exercise that can improve a person's overall health. It not just helps with your physical health, but is also a for your mental health. When it comes to your health, 30 minutes of daily walking is the best way to maintain cardiovascular fitness. Walking helps in reducing excessive body fat and is a perfect way to increase muscle power.

This easy exercise boosts your immune system, saving you from several severe diseases like diabetes, cancers, and heart diseases. Walking is the best way to increase your body's functioning without special treatment or training.

You can easily maintain your body's metabolism by adding regular walk to your everyday routine. It is a great aerobic exercise that gives a number of physical and mental benefits to people of every age group and various fitness levels. This free exercise can even extend your life expectancy, as it keeps every part and organ of your body healthy.


Walking is free to do and easy to fit into your daily routine. All you need is a good space and an intention to make your body mentally and physically fit.

There are some of the reasons that make walking the best exercise for the human body. Learn more about the benefits of walking and how it can improve your physical and mental health.

Reason #1: Good for Cardio

why is walking good for you

Walking is a great way to increase heart functioning, and a regular walk is a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance. Start walking daily to take your physical activity to the next level. You can avoid coronary heart disease just by walking 30 minutes a day for five days a week.

When you gradually increase the distance and duration of your daily walk, it helps you to avoid more severe heart diseases. Women can eliminate the risk of stroke by 20% just by walking 30 minutes a day, and if they increase the duration, the chances of eliminating stroke increase by 40%.

Reason #2: Morning Walks Are the Best

benefits of walking in the morning

Morning walks have great benefits. A morning walk in a sound and peaceful environment fills your body with good energy and helps you to prepare your body for the rest of the day. A morning walk on an empty stomach increases the metabolism of the body, and you feel fresh and healthy. According to Ariel Lasevoli, a certified fitness trainer, "Daily walking increases metabolism by burning extra calories and by preventing muscle loss, which is particularly important as we get older."

Reason #3: Where You Walk Matters

daily walking benefits

Whether you walk on a street or a jogging track, you can reap the benefits of walking in both scenarios. You just need enough space, as well as comfortable shoes and clothing to walk properly. Walking at a moderate speed has positive effects on your body, and it helps maintain your heart rate.

You can walk during meeting breaks in office corridors, and some people prefer to walk right after a meal in their gardens or running tracks at a nearby park, as it is the most easily convenient place to walk.

Reason #4: Relieves Tight Hip Flexors

is walking good for hip arthritis

Our hip flexors weaken when we sit for hours in office chairs or at any other place. If the hip flexors tighten, it can cause serious problems for a person.

There are many ways to deal with tight hip flexors, such as swimming, running, climbing, and many more exercises, but walking is the best that can work for them.

You can relieve tight hip flexors, gradually making it easy for you to do any task without the risk of getting strained.

Reason #5: 45 Minutes a Day is Enough

is walking 3 miles a day good

Walking has a number of benefits, and when you walk for 45 minutes a day, it significantly reduces the chances of severe diseases and illnesses. Walking is the perfect cure for losing weight and extending your life.

If you are not in practice walking daily, start with 10 to 20 minutes and take it up to 45 minutes a day to get amazing benefits. A 45-minute daily walk, either in the early morning or at night after dinner, can work wonders for your mental health and keep you energized for the whole day.

Reason #6: Improves Blood Circulation

is walking good for health

One of the reasons that make walking the best exercise is that it eliminates the chances of heart diseases, as it improves the blood circulation of your heart. It improves the heart rate and helps lower blood pressure, automatically strengthening your heart and functioning.

A regular walk helps you to increase the blood circulation of your heart. Walking is a form of aerobic exercise, and good blood circulation strengthens your heart rate and health.

Reason #7: Controls Sugar Levels in Blood

is walking good for you

A short and light exercise after having a meal has great benefits. Whenever we talk about light exercises, walking eventually comes to our minds. A light walk after your meal helps you lower your sugar levels effectively.

A light walk after a meal helps you to alleviate many diseases, and makes your body metabolism work well for you. When you walk after a meal, it releases hormones and enzymes that help in the digestion of food.

Reason #8: Helps to Lose Body Weight

is walking good for weight loss

Being overweight, or gaining weight quickly, can lead to many diseases and affects your overall mental and physical health. Adding regular walks to your everyday routine helps you deal with body weight issues. If you can walk for 30 minutes a day, you can easily maintain your body weight and keep your body fit and healthy.

Reason #9: Improves Sleep Quality

is walking good for sleep

A good night's sleep is something that most people look for, and walking can fulfill this need. Walking is not just limited to good physical health. It helps you to get good mental health as well, and helps in improving your sleep. Walking improves the quality of your sleep, and when you get enough sleep, it keeps you fresh the whole day.

Reason #10: Improves Joint Pain or Stiffness

walking good for joint pain

People with joint pain or arthritis can get great benefits from walking, as it helps in the movement of joints and avoids the risk of stiffness. It keeps your bones healthy and reduces the risk of bone and joint diseases, such as osteoporosis.

There is no direct supply to the joint cartilage in the human body. The joint fluid in the body that circulates with body movement is the only way to supply nutrition to the joint cartilage. So, regular movement that your body gets from walking is the best way to keep the cartilage healthy as it gets enough oxygen and nutrients.

Reason #11: Helps with Your Mental Health

walking good for mental health

There are a number of studies and research on the benefits of walking, and it is evaluated that even a little bit of walking or any other aerobic activity can do wonders for a person of any age and helps to nurture the brain. Many researchers have concluded that if a person goes on a regular walk, it increases the size of the hippocampus, and this part of the brain deals with a person's memory


No doubt, regular exercise helps slow down mental decline. A clinical study was held at the University of Maryland on people aged 55 to 85. In this study, it was observed that the activation of the brain circuit increased effectively in just a single exercise session.

Reason #12: Strengthens Your Muscle

is walking a good workout

Regarding muscles, walking is one of the most underrated exercises. If you want healthy leg and abdominal muscles, start walking today. Walking is the best way to shift the weight and pressure from joints to the muscles, and a 10-minute walk every day is a great way to warm up your muscles. Walking is an endurance exercise that builds muscle fibers and thus strengthens your muscles.

Reason #13: Prevents Bone Loss

walking prevent bone loss

You can avoid bone diseases and even severe fractures with a regular walk. It doesn't matter if you have fragile bones; a regular brisk walk can strengthen your bones and prevent bone loss.

Dr. Michael A. Schwartz, MD, of Plancher Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in New York, says regular walks can stop the loss of bone mass.

Reason #14: Helps Boost Your Immune System

walking improves immune system

It is good to have a healthy diet, but it is not enough to get away from diseases. Walking is also important for your overall body health as it helps to boost your immune system. There are many ways to boost your immune system, but most people prefer walking as it is an easy treatment to improve the immune system


Walking is a complete package that helps you to get overall body fitness. It has positive impacts on every muscle, organ, and joint, and when all these body parts remain healthy, it will improve your immune system.

Reason #15: Improves Mood

walking improves mood

Endorphin is a body hormone that is a happy hormone, and when a person goes for a morning walk, it releases endorphin and works as a painkiller for the body.

Everyone wants to feel fresh to make the most out of their day. So, a morning walk is a perfect way to start your day and keeps your body fresh and healthy. Walking improves blood circulation in the body, especially the heart and brain, which helps to improve your mood.

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