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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

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Product Description Why Buy From Us

Does your back get fatigue or tight from sitting for long periods of time?  Are you looking for relief while sitting at your computer desk?

Well look no more! The Memory Foam Lumbar Back Support Cushion by Easy Posture is guaranteed to give you the support that you need. 

  • Best ergonomic chair back support system. 
  • Relieves back pain from sitting or driving fatigue and stress.
  • No need to replace your office chair.
  • Reduces back pressure by evenly redistributing your body weight, soothe pressure points and provide spinal support and comfort.
  • Adjustable double elastic straps designed to fit most chairs and prevent slippage to keep your cushion in place.
  • Breathable mesh fabric for greater air circulation to help prevent perspiration. 
  • Helps to provide relief from conditions such as: scoliosis, sciatica, herniated disk, acute or chronic back pain.

Includes: 1 Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion


Relief from those Experiencing: 

★ Coccyx pain, Coccyx fracture, Sciatica,  
★ Acute or Chronic Back pain
★ Tailbone fracture or tailbone pain
★ Herniated disc, Degenerative disc disease    

Excellent for: 

★ Healthy posture and spinal alignment
★ Extended sitting on hard surfaces
★ Sitting at a desk, car/truck/air/travel

Product Performance Features:
★ Enhanced memory foam formula
★ Designed for maximum comfort support
★ Easy Posture will never lose its original shape
★ Contains Antimicrobial materials
★ Reversible Design


We Love Our is what they had to say!

"Perfect lumbar support for my office chair. I have lower back problems and this certainly helps support my lower back." Kevin - Customer

"Although the support cushion is a gift for my husband, I had to try it out and what a dream for the back. I felt such relief with the cushions support. I know what I want Santa to bring me" - Anonymous - Customer

"I have been using this everyday since I received it and my back feels so much better; my co-workers are wanting to steal it!! I guess I know what I'm getting everyone in the office for Christmas." Jennifer - Customer


Easy Posture Brands is a company dedicated to our customer's comfort and we have many reasons why you should buy from us.  We are an emerging company putting our customers first.   We see ourselves as an extension of our customers committed to the betterment of their lifestyles by relieving back pain and discomfort during daily activities. We invite you today to shop with us today!