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Reusable Ice Packs for Knee w/ Cover Wrap 2pk by ColePak Comfort

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Product Description Why Buy From Us

SAVE your money with ColePak Comfort's 2 reusable well-made hot and cold gel packs that are flexible when frozen and stays warm when heated in a microwave or in hot water.

  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE therapy wrap and wide elastic Velcro strap to secure around your knee, foot/foot brace, arms, ankles, shoulder, head, upper back or neck, swellings, wisdom teeth and get relief in a matter of minutes.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL; Must have in your First Aid Kit; Best built to last; Lightweight to pack and carry anywhere
  • SOFT-TO-THE-TOUCH polyester fleece pouch that is comfortable to wear.


Easy and Ready to Use for:

Hot Pack
* Warming Sore Muscles
* Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

Cold Pack
* Reduce Swelling
* Soothes affected area


Directions: Hot Pack Usage: 

1. Flatten gel pack before placing inside of microwave for 50 seconds.
2. Press the pack evenly to distribute the heated gel inside of the pack.
3. Test on underside of wrist to check if pack is too hot.
4. Apply to affected area. Limit treatment to 20 minutes at a time.


Hot Water Method:
1. Heat a large pot of water until it boils and then remove from heat.
2. Carefully place the gel pack into heated water for 7-10 minutes, or until desired temperature is reached.
3. After drying, place pack inside cloth cover before applying to affected area.


Cold Pack Usage: ** Cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours following injury.
1. Place the pack into freezer for 2 or more hours.
2. Insert pack in the blue fleece cover before applying to affected area.
3. Limit treatments to 20 minutes at a time.


Dimensions: Polyester Fleece Pouch - 5.5 inches (W) x 11 inches (L) Velcro Strap - 20.5 inches (L)

CE Certified; FDA Approved

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